#HeSays: 10 Thoughts Guys Have About Their Girlfriends' Boobs!

#HeSays: 10 Thoughts Guys Have About Their Girlfriends' Boobs!
So people say that guys think about sex every seven seconds. We're neither going to confirm nor deny that, but all we're gonna say is that we think about our girlfriends’ boobs just as often - if not more! So here are some thought guys have about boobs - your guy has surely had them about you too!

1. I'm pretty sure her boobs are the best boobs in the world.

No, really, they're so damn perfect.

2. I wonder if she would let me click a picture of them!

Maybe even just click one herself and send it to me...

3. Or maybe I could pull a Titanic and offer to paint them…

It would be worth drowning over. 3 thoughts guys have about boobs

4. We should start doing ‘naked Sunday’ so I can see a bit more of them.

Sunday is the longest day, right?

5. Is there anything better than her boobs in the world?

Nothing. Except, maybe, her boobs covered in chocolate. Maybe not even that.

6. Does she even know what happens to me when I see them bounce?

There's no way I can put that feeling into words... 6 thoughts guys have about boobs

7. Man, even just thinking about her boobs makes me so horny.

Should I tell her that? Is that hot or just weird?

8. I want to do so many things to her boobs that she has no idea about yet…

Step by step… I'm sure she'll love all of it too!

9. Oh, but that moment when I can see just a hint of that cleavage…

DAMN. It's torture, it really is. 9 thoughts guys have about boobs

10. Does she have any idea how much I actually think about them?

No, that would be weird, right?
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