11 ‘First Night’ Thoughts Every Bride Has In An Arranged Shaadi!

11 ‘First Night’ Thoughts Every Bride Has In An Arranged Shaadi!
While you look super busy preparing for your big day, secretly, deep within, you have been thinking of the ‘big night’ as well. Admit it, girls – you are probably even a bit scared since it’s your first night with him and the pressure of it can be overwhelming. Trust us, there is no ‘right’ way of doing the suhaag raat! Every girl has these thoughts about her first night after marriage - so chill!

1. Will we go all the way on the first night itself?

Not everyone does that, though. I mean, we’ll be tired and all from the reception, right?

2. And if we do, will it hurt?

They say it can be painful. Is it going to be painful?! How painful?! 2 first night after marriage

3. Should I watch some porn or ask the married sisters?

I mean, I’ll need some gyaan on it, right? And, um, visual would be better, na?

4. Will he think I’m fat?

Well, I do have curves – and all women have curves, don’t they?

5. Or too thin?

Some guys like women with some extra curves also, right? 5 first night after marriage

6. Do I have to sit wearing a ghunghat while I wait for him – Hindi movie style?

Or I could be the modern bride and totally surprise him!

7. Should I wear a padded bra?

Or the super lacy one I secretly bought for this night?

8. What if I just go off to sleep?!

I have a habit of just knocking off if I’m tired. Will I be ruining the night?
8 first night after marriage

9. What if he doesn’t make the first move?

Should I? I kind of want to.

10. Is the bed going to be decorated like in the movies?

Does it not hurt or get ticklish? Or get super uncomfortable?!

11. How will I face all those cousins and aunties the next morning?

They’ll all have that ‘Hmmm… I know what you did last night!’ walla face. 11 first night after marriage GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr