13 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has Before Her First Rishta Meeting!

13 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has Before Her First Rishta Meeting!
You are entering the world of arranged marriage setups; it’s time for you to meet a prospective husband for the first time. You have seen it in the movies and heard of stories of how rishta meetings are, but you have no idea how is it going to be for you. And so, you’re bound to go through various emotions. Just to familiarise you with the concept and calm your nerves, we give you 13 thoughts every girl has before her first rishta meeting. They’re all too real.

1. What should I wear?

Dress or salwar kameez? I don’t want to look too dressed up, and I don’t want to appear too casual either. 1 rishta meeting

2. How do I greet him?

A simple ‘hi’? Handshake or side hug? So confusing!

3. Will I order first?

Can I order first or should I wait for him to offer me something? 3 rishta meeting

4. What will we talk about?

Hobbies, weather, daily traffic, work? Hell, how will I start the conversation?!

5. I hope he doesn’t ask me too many questions.

I don’t want to be answering all his questions during our first meeting itself! 5 rishta meeting

6. How many questions can I ask him? What number is appropriate?

I want to know things about him but still want to appear cool.

7. Will it be like it happens in the movies?

Umm...I hope NOT! 7 rishta meeting

8. I’ll just fake smile through the silent moments.

Because that’s the only thing I can do to avoid all the awkwardness!

9. How will I know if he is the one for me?

How does one figure that out? It’s a lifelong situation, after all!
9 rishta meeting

10. Am I actually meeting a boy for marriage?

I can’t believe it! Time flies.

11. I guess I am getting a panic attack

Oh God! HELP! 11 rishta meeting

12. Can I just cancel the meeting?

This is too much stress! I don’t want to go!

13. Mommmm! I don’t want to grow up

Can I just stay with you forever? Pretty please? 13 rishta meeting GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr