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19 Thoughts Every Bride Has Minutes Before Her Bridal Entry!

19 Thoughts Every Bride Has Minutes Before Her Bridal Entry!
The bridal entry… That one moment when all eyes are on you and that one moment in the entire wedding that you can call all yours. It’s just such a wonderful feeling to be dressed as a bride and take that walk to your one and only. And while it all does sound wonderful, there is so much more to it. Ever wondered about all the various thoughts a bride has just before her entry? Well if you just got married or are a bride-to-be, you’ll totally get these 19 thoughts that every bride has minutes before her grand entry.
1. OMG… This is it. It’s finally happening! 1 bridal entry 2. I can’t believe he’s here. Waiting for me. And now it’s my turn to go. #Can’tWait 3. Is this really the last moment I’ll be sharing with mom as a little girl? I love you, mumma. 4. It’s only now that I really really do feel like I am getting married. 5. I hope everything goes off just fine. Wait, should I go ahead with the bridal entry as planned… or are the fooljhadis and sparklers a bit too much? *So much confusion* 5 bridal entry 6. Hope my phoolon ki chaadar looks good. Can’t believe I haven’t even seen it yet. 7. And mera lehenga. Just hope it doesn’t look crumpled. Should I just ask someone to fluff it up one last time?! *Bridezilla kicking in* 8. OMG… Everyone is going to be looking at me! Why am I getting such superstar vibes?! 9. I wish I’d listened to mom and worn smaller heels. What if I trip? No really, what if my heel gets stuck in a camera wire or something?!
-9 bridal entry 10. Okay. It’s time now. Breath in. Breath out. 11. Wait… How do I greet mom-in-law? Do I address her as mumma or should I wait till the pheras? 12. Where are my all my bestiessss?!!! I can’t do this without them. 13. Wow… Love my makeup. Yay! 13 bridal entry 14. So, should I put my eyes down and act all shy or can I just smile and dance through my entry. I am so nervous. 15. I’ll miss you mumma. Can’t believe it’s time already. Can’t believe tonight I won’t be going back to the same home… My home. 16. Ooh… Should I go pee jaldi se? Won’t get time for this later! 17. God… I can’t believe that I’ll be meeting his entire family. They’re all going to be looking at me. And all those guests. All eyes on me. That’s just too much to handle. 17 bridal entry 18. You’re the bride. Just stay calm and carry on! 19. Let’s do this... Let’s go get married!
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