10 Things EVERY Girl Will Get If Her Fam Bam Is On Social Media

10 Things EVERY Girl Will Get If Her Fam Bam Is On Social Media
We are all in that phase where our not-so-tech-savvy relatives are breaking the Internet! Your family is on social media, and they’re proud to make you part of their online lives too! Be it Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform, we all have those aunties and uncles who haunt us with their comments and likes every now and then! Of course, it’s awesome to have them around all the time - like, literally ALL THE TIME - but there are moments we wish we could do anything we wanted without thinking twice! Anyway, here are few things that you’ll get if your FAM BAM is on social media!

1. No personal space, bro!

Personal space? What? Where? What does that mean? Yeah! You’ll be asking these questions if your family is on your Facebook friends’ list.

2. And yeah, no PDA either!

Parents don’t know about your boyfriend? Well, forget about virtually expressing your love towards bae because…public displays of affection will be severely limited by the parents’ display of outrage! 2 family is on social media

3. You’ll be questioned about every damn thing you post, share, comment on or even like!

‘Why’d you like this?’, ‘Who’s Pooja’?, ‘How do you know this person’? And blah blah blah! A barrage of questions will come your way, and you’ll have no clue what to say!

4. The gossip will spread...from one aunty to another uncle!

So relatives talk…A LOT! You put anything on your social media, and it’ll spread like wildfire within the circle of your family. 4 family is on social media

5. Life becomes tough when you attend family functions!

They stare hard at you when you go to a family function. They ask you uncomfortable questions. They torture you.

6. You’ll be stalked like never before!

Your mausi and chachi will sit for hours on Facebook and stalk you. What you liked? What you commented on? What you shared? What time are you online? Arrrrgghhh.
6 family is on social media

7. Embarrassing comments by your family will pop up all over your timeline!

Relatives have this habit of calling you by your nicknames. Why do you think they’ll stop now? Chintu? Bunty? Baby? You’ll NOT be spared.

8. And then your friends will mock you…

Because of course your friends read those comments. You are a source of mockery and you’ll have a new name in your friends’ circle. Not just that, sometimes your parents might send requests to your friends too. And GOD FORBID, if your mom likes their pictures by mistake. You are like: ‘Ye zameen fatt jaye aur main usmei samaa jaoon... 8 family is on social media

9. Random friends’ requests start flooding in...from relatives of relatives!

Your aunt’s uncle’s daughter-in-law’s cousin will send you a request and you’ll have no clue who the hell this person is...and you can’t even ask anyone, ‘coz then the most likely response will be: ‘Arre woh? Acchha ladka hai, add kar lo!’

10. You’ll be tagged on EVERY family photo!

You’ll be tagged in family pictures, some good maybe, some seriously embarrassing. There’s no way you can escape from this...except by blocking everyone!! 10 family is on social media Images: Tumblr