Lehenga Shopping? 10 *Genius* Tips For The Bride-To-Be!

Lehenga Shopping? 10 *Genius* Tips For The Bride-To-Be!
You’ve found the boy, your parents like him, the shaadi is fixed and all that’s left now is buying that dream wedding lehenga. Ladies, we know this is actually the biggest task of all! Because we girls want to settle for nothing but the best! And that’s exactly why we’ve got you this planning guide that is sure to make your work a little less difficult. Here are 10 things to do before you actually go out shopping for your wedding lehenga.

1. Do some research online

Thanks to online shopping portals you can now begin your bridal lehenga search sitting at home. Before you step out, go through bridal wear available online so you get an idea of the price range and the new styles in the market. 1 shopping for your wedding lehenga

2. Call before you go

You don’t want to end up going all the way only to find the stores closed. Always make sure to call the store to check the timings and whether or not they have their latest stock. They may be receiving their fresh range a day or two later and it makes more sense to go then.

3. Know your fabrics and embroideries

Read up a little about different bridal fabrics and embroidery styles. Here's a basic guide to lehenga fabrics. You should know which ones are more expensive and how to differentiate machine work from hand work. It’ll also help you figure out why one lehenga is priced higher than the other. Knowing your basics is important to make an informed decision.    3 shopping for your wedding lehenga

4. Fix a budget

Because you’ll just be wasting your time if you don’t have a budget in mind! It’s essential you chalk down a broad range beforehand. Going through stores and products that are well above your range will only waste your time. Plus, you’ll be so tempted to buy the more expensive and elaborate stuff! Here are 9 genius tips to plan your lehenga budget.

5. Know what colours suit you

Bridal lehengas are no longer restricted to red. Try a few of your mother's suits, sarees or dupattas to see what colours flatter you the most. It’ll be easier and faster to eliminate the lehengas that do nothing for your skintone. This will also help give you a clearer picture of what looks better on you. 5 shopping for your wedding lehenga

6. Already got your bridal jewellery?

Does your mom already have a bridal set ready for you? Or are you wearing your grandma's vintage jewellery? It’s always better to sort out the ornaments before the lehenga as the former is much more expensive. Buy your wedding set (if possible) and take a few pictures of it on your phone so that you can match it with the lehenga that you select.  

7. When is the sale starting?

Don’t you feel awful when you buy something only to see it on a 50% discount the next day? Find out about all the wedding sales and exhibitions in your city. This will not only save you time and money, but may also get you that dream lehenga in your budget.   7 shopping for your wedding lehenga

8. Know your markets and stores

Instead of randomly setting out for a day of shopping, do research on the popular wedding markets and stores. List them down priority-wise based on where you’re more likely to find your kind of lehenga in your budget. Browse through their social pages or websites to find out about their style. And do ask around in your friends circle if they have a word of appreciation for any particular store.  

9. Reference images are SO important

Raid the internet and find all the bridal lehenga designs that you really really love. From designer instagram pages to pinterest, you’ve got all the options in the world. Have closeups of embroideries, necklines, lehenga styles and designs. These reference images will come handy in case you want something specific or for a customized lehenga. 9 shopping for your wedding lehenga

10. Know the basics

When you actually do plan to go out shopping, make sure to wear something comfortable and carry a neutral coloured blouse along. Or just wear a plain off white top. A bright colour or a top with busy prints may just be a hindrance when you’re trying a particular lehenga. It may interfere with the design of the dupatta or the contrasting colours may just kill the overall look. GIFs: Giphy