10 Things You Must Never Do When Attending A Friend’s Shaadi!

10 Things You Must Never Do When Attending A Friend’s Shaadi!
You’ve always read and heard about things that you must definitely do at your friend’s wedding. Whereas the dos are very important, there are certain things that you must steer clear of or avoid doing at your friend’s wedding. Here’s a list of all the things you must never do when attending a friend ki shaadi.

1. Consuming more alcohol than you can handle

What’s the point of having so much to drink at your friend’s wedding that you end up embarrassing yourself? And in case no one ends up noticing your silliness at the venue, just know that the camera guys catch everything on tape. And having recorded evidence of your drunkenness isn’t something you’ll be pleased about!
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2. Steal the bride’s thunder

It’s your friend’s big day and hence, she should be the centre of attention in every way. Let her have all the attention and don’t make this day about you, by throwing a tantrum or being an attention seeker for this one day!

3. Warning: No hooking up

This is a complete no-no! You are attending the wedding to be a part of the celebration rather than going on a boy hunting spree. No matter how cute the guy is, resistance is the key! 3 friends wedding

4. Forget to wish the newlyweds

We know there is so much to do at weddings: eating and drinking, dancing till your feet ache and having a gala time with all your friends. However, don’t forget to go up on stage and wish the happy couple. After all, you’re there for them!

5. Not take your wedding duties seriously

We agree that wearing Indian attire and keeping your makeup on point can be a daunting task at weddings. However, in the process, don’t forget your duties as a bridesmaid. We simply mean, be by your friend’s side on her big day - she needs you the most. 5 friends wedding

6. Be too demanding and overcritical

No wedding is perfect. It’s the getting together of friends and family, the fun and frolic that make it special. So don’t be a party pooper by criticising the wedding arrangements, food and decor. Remember that it’s your friend’s big day and you certainly don’t want to hurt any sentiments there. Besides, we are sure your friend and her family members worked hard into putting the perfect wedding together.

7. Post a random photograph of the bride on social media

Now you don’t want to be stressing your friend out by clicking and posting a less than perfect picture of her on social media. No bride would like a candid picture that makes her look anything less than the most gorgeous girl on the planet doing the circles on social media. So if you absolutely want to post about this grand event, just show her the picture before taking this bold step! 7 friends wedding

8. Be on your phone all the time

You shouldn't be too engrossed on your phone and actually make it a point to be a part of the crazy wedding fun. You’re here to take part in the celebrations so do just that!

9. Land up with a plus one (who isn’t invited)

The last thing that you want to do is to take your plus one or your boyfriend with you to attend a friend's wedding. Now you would be wondering why? It’s simple, because he wasn’t invited or accounted for in the guest list. 9 friends wedding

10. Turn up late

This is an absolute no-brainer. Your friend invited you because you’re special to her and she wants to share the happiness and nervousness of her big day with you. So make it a point to take a little less time in getting dressed, and being a tad bit more planned by reaching on time!
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