10 AMAZING Things You Did Not Know About The Aquarius Girl!

10 AMAZING Things You Did Not Know About The Aquarius Girl!
The Aquarius woman is like the wind - free and fierce! And that is exactly how she always wants to be. She is so much fun to be around and we are sure you have quite a few Aquarius women around you that make you think exactly that. Well, surprise, surprise! Here are a few things you did NOT know about the Aquarius girl.

1. In the eye of the storm, she is a smart and independent woman

She is no dreamy zephyr. She is a storm or so she seems when you come across her the first few times. But if you really get to know her you will see her for the wonderful, strong, smart and independent woman that she really is! 1 Aquarius girl

2. She’s a people’s person to the core!

She can talk to anyone and everyone without being shy, no matter what age or gender. Her confidence is what attracts people to her and she loves that!

3. She can change plans at the drop of a hat!

The thing about an Aquarius girl is that she is quirky and unpredictable. She has a taste for adventure and discovery which makes her super awesome company. There will never ever be a dull moment with an Aquarius girl by your side! 3 Aquarius girl

4. They are super loyal… Like, to every single thing and person!

The Aquarius girl takes loyalty very, very seriously! She is not only loyal to her partner, friends and family, she is also loyal to the brand she shops from, the restaurant she usually visits, the band she listens to and so on! That’s one loyal girl, if you ask us.

5. She loves adventure in bed too!

Ahem… Dear boyfriends who have aquarian girlfriends, make a note! Every Aquarius girl loves to experiment and try out new things in bed, of course, after clearing it with her partner. Sex with her can never get boring! *Wink*
5 Aquarius girl

6. She is always one with a bright idea!

An Aquarius woman has the innate ability to come up with unconventional ideas especially when it comes to solving a problem at hand. She is always full of whys and hows and whats - which is what inspires her to be more imaginative!

7. She makes for an amazing leader!

If you have an Aquarius leader, rest assured you have the best of the lot. She drives her team with vigour and enthusiasm. The best thing about her is the fact that even as a leader she believes in walking with her team. She is an assertive, strong leader and an indispensable team player. 7 Aquarius girl

8. She may come across as a cold hearted person at first…. But she’s really not.

She takes time to open up to people. She probes and observes people thoroughly before letting them enter her circle of trusted friends and till then she may not seem like the warmest person. However, once she does trust you, you will find that she is a wonderful person to know and an even better friend.

9. She has a big heart...

An Aquarius girl, in general, is very giving. She places humanitarian concern on the highest pedestal and promptly helps anyone who needs it. Even if someone asks her for financial assistance, she will not hesitate or think twice before helping the person if she can.
9 Aquarius girl

10. She is unapologetically herself… And that’s how she likes it.

She is extremely comfortable in her own skin and does not feel the need to pretend to be someone she is not. She embraces her merits and demerits alike and focuses on being the best version of herself. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr