10 Cute Things That Happen When You Enter A *New* Relationship!

10 Cute Things That Happen When You Enter A *New* Relationship!
Just like all things new, a new relationship also comes with the novelty of starting something exciting and a thrill that can be matched with nothing else. And it’s true that during the initial phase, you constantly feel happy and in love, doing things that you would otherwise never have expected yourself to do! Here is a list of some cute little things that happen when you enter a new relationship…

1. You both come up with cute nicknames for each other

Jaanu, cupcakes, my cuddly bear, honey-bunch, sugar candy… And this is just the beginning! By calling each other these cutesy names, you probably make everyone around you a little nauseous!

2. You discover the little things…

About each other - like how cockroaches scare him to death, or that wearing an LBD is a great way to turn him on and, turns out, he (just like everyone else, including you) burps and farts too!   2 new relationship

3. You get butterflies in your tummy every time you see him

The magic of a new relationship is such that every time you meet him, every time he holds your hand, you can feel butterflies in your tummy. Dear girl, this is what they call the honeymoon phase!  

4. You blush every time someone mentions his name…

Making you feel like you're 16 again! *Aww* 4 new relationship

5. You have the inevitable conversation about making it official

Sooner or later, the inevitable conversation about proclaiming your love to the world (including Facebook) comes up!

6. You become the so-in-love, PDA couple

With your emotions and hormones in overdrive, you both are in the we-can’t-keep-our-hands-off-each-other phase. So what if your friends feel a bit uncomfortable?! They all secretly know that they've been there too!
6 new relationship

7. You both suddenly become historians

And put all your efforts into remembering every detail about that fateful day when you actually started dating. And telling everyone you meet, about it too!

8. You constantly keep waiting for an email, phone call or message from him!

And every time his name flashes on your phone screen, you undeniably jump up and down like a cute little cartoon princess in love! 8 new relationship

9. You want to share every minute detail of your life with him

It's almost like an OCD - starting from the toppings of the pizza you ate today, to the new nail paint that you bought that evening, you want to excitedly share every tiny little detail about your day with your guy. After all, he asked you how your day was and you wouldn't want to miss out a single detail, right?!

10. You feel ecstatic in life

You seem to be in good mood all the time, daydreaming and gliding joyously through your days. If you’re wondering what’s keeping you happy, then darling, it’s just the side-effect of new found love. 10 new relationship GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr