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Day 1 To Day 365: What The *First* Year Of Marriage Is Like!

Day 1 To Day 365: What The *First* Year Of Marriage Is Like!
From the 1st to the 365th day of your marriage, there are just so many different things you are bound to experience. There’ll be days you’ll love and days that may not feel so good. And there’ll be experiences - some wonderful, some crazy and some that you would’ve never ever expected! But all in all, it’s going to be a ride you’ll remember forever. So ladies, as you take that step into your new life, here we are, taking you through the stages of the first year of marriage.
Day 1 - First day in your new house, lots of new faces and so many rituals. You miss home, your mom, your sister and you can barely hold yourself from crying. day1 - first year of marriage Day 9 - It all still feels so new. But at least the relatives are gone and you’re able to steal some alone time with Mr. Hubby! Day 12 - Leaving for the honeymoon... Finally, away from all the madness! Yay! Day 28 - You’re nearing a month and while life has pretty much been the same, the initial awkwardness with the in-laws is (very) slowly fading away. day28 - first year of marriage Day 45 - The dinner invites have started pouring in! It’s just too much to get ready every single weekend and land up at someone's door, for yet another hearty meal. Now you know why couples gain weight after the shaadi! Day 60 - Two months and well, you finally managed to get a little too comfortable in front of him. Yep, those little burps and other unavoidable sounds! It’s okay girl! Day 84 - Your first real married couple fight. Maybe something to do with the household chores. It’s fine. It’s just another thing that makes marriage what it is.
Day 84 (10 mins later) - You also get to have makeup sex! Now that’s a real perk of being married and having a fight. day84 - first year of marriage Day 106 - It’s funny how it’s been more than 100 days but you still miss home so much. And everytime you go to stay at mom’s, it’s just a different kind of wonderful. Day 134 - Say hello to the distant uncle who couldn’t make it for the wedding. And he insists on having food cooked by you! Now that could be a bit of a challenge.. day134 - first year of marriage Day 169 - You still can’t believe you got married to this amazing man! Almost half a year to that day and you still clearly remember each and every moment of it. Day 199 - And you’ve finally gotten to the comfort level of trying newer, sexier, saucier things in bed. So, what’s the new position for today? Day 222 - Time for a getaway? Because believe it or not, no matter how nice your in-laws are, you want to step out for a bit. Even if you’re living on your own, a change of place never hurt anyone. day222 - first year of marriage Day 242 - In all probability, one of your ‘first year’ festivals is arriving. And this is when you get to deck up like a bride, again! Lots of planning, lots of fun, all the relatives are back and it’s time to be the center of attention, yet again!
Day 268 - You’ll definitely meet someone who’ll give you some gyaan about how a newlywed girl should dress up. Sindoor, mangalsutra, bangles, the heavy suits and the works. We say, just do what you like! Day 293 - Feel like you’re bonding with the mom-in-law? You’re beyond the formalities and the pretentious smiles game. The relationship finally feels at ease. day293 - first year of marriage Day 316 - Ugh, people already asking you about having babies? Just switch on the IGNORE MODE! Day 342 - And the festivities have arrived again! Time to plan the awesome first anniversary. Told you, there's never a dull moment in the first year. Day 365 - Happy Anniversary, woman! Time to celebrate! It’s only going to get better from here. day365 - first year of marriage GIFs: Giphy