#ShaadiKeBaad: 10 Things That Happen On The First Day!

#ShaadiKeBaad: 10 Things That Happen On The First Day!
Okay, so you’re married! You had an amazing 3-4 day affair, lots of dance, drama and food. Your besties had a crazy time and you looked fab in each of your outfits. The functions went on without any major glitches and your wedding night too was better than expected. But what now? Now when your first day as a married woman begins. Your first day in your new house! Don’t you want to be just a little bit prepared for what’s coming?! Here are 10 things that happen after the wedding.

1. Waking up… next to a man!

Even if yours was a love marriage or you’ve known the guy for long, to wake up in the morning and see him lying next to you brings out so many emotions at the same time! From feeling weird to a little embarrassed to slightly uncomfortable. And this amazing feeling of fulfillment of having this wonderful man as your husband.   1 things that happen after the wedding

2. The various versions of ‘The Night’

Almost everyone will ask you about the wedding night. And they all have their different reasons. Your mother-in-law - to make sure you were comfortable, your mom - out of concern, your friends - to get in on all the deets, and all other relatives - to just start a conversation with you!

3. The visitors have not yet stopped pouring in!

If you thought the wedding or the reception was the end of it, then you’re so wrong. You’ll have a whole lot of visitors at your in-laws’ place and so, you still have to have that broad smile pasted on your face, the small talk continues and all those heavy clothes and makeup stay put. 3 things that happen after the wedding

4. It is AWKWARD

Yes, awkward in bold and capital letters. You may have known the family or not, they may be the sweetest people or maybe not. But the fact remains that the first day really is awkward. You’re surrounded by almost strangers, in a new house and things here function differently. Truth be told, it’ll take you no less than a month for the strangeness to fade away.  

5. But you’ll also be made to feel special

Everyone in the house will be trying their best to make you feel comfortable. And they’ll do their best to make you feel special. From showering you with gifts to preparing your favourite dishes and not leaving you alone, even a minute, you can count on your new aunts and cousins to help you settle in. 5 things that happen after the wedding

6. Many more rituals follow!

There’s more after the pheras. The next morning too is filled with cute little traditions specific to every family. You may have to cook something, which usually is just stirring the dish for a bit! Or there could be a ‘muh dikhai ki rasam’. So yup, the day we say is going to be a busy one.

7. So much love!

You may not get to spend a lot of alone time with your husband on the first day but there’ll be so many unsaid promises of love. Just looking at him, stealing that occasional glance in his direction or holding each other's gaze for just about a few seconds will be enough. And in those few moments you’ll know that this has been the best decision of your life. 7 things that happen after the wedding

8. You’ll miss home

The first day, no matter how hectic or wonderful, you’ll miss home like never before. You’ll miss your mom, your dad, your li’l sister, your dog, your bed, your kitchen, your bathroom - everything! Your heart and body and mind and soul, it’s all so full of emotions that you’ll find yourself sobbing and crying and laughing out loud, all in a span of a few minutes.

9. Meeting the new family

Sure you’ve met them before but now is the time to really get to know them, in depth! You’ll spend the day chatting up with the relatives, the close family friends, the third cousins, the neighbours and everyone who is an extended part of your new family. It could get hectic, girl! 9 things that happen after the wedding

10. Unboxing!

From your luggage to all the gifts you’ve received! You’ll hear your mum-in-law asking you to make a list of who gave what as you unbox and unwrap all that’s come your way. And trust us, it’s just too much fun! GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy