10 *Important* Things Only An Arranged Marriage Can Teach You

10 *Important* Things Only An Arranged Marriage Can Teach You
You know the thing about marriage – love or arranged – it is hardly ever an easy ride. Without discounting that fact that it’s such a happy feeling to be married and to be living with the man you love, there is a certain degree of compromise and adjustment that is required in a marriage. And if it is the case of an arranged marriage, you might have a tad bit more to learn. Here are 10 things that an arranged marriage can teach you.

1. Patience will make you sail through

Patience is prime when it comes to an arranged marriage. It is a fact that the two of you are still getting to know each other and have not had the chance to really bond before marriage. So, your relationship will need time and patience. Things will eventually fall in place, ladies.

2. Passion takes its time

Even if he had fallen head over heels in love with you when he first saw you at the rishta meeting, for him to be passionate about you will take a bit of time. Wait it out, we say. 2 arranged marriage

3. The honeymoon period does get over

Nothing lasts forever. If it’s a love marriage, your honeymoon phase happened before marriage perhaps. So while everything might be lovely in the initial stage of an arranged marriage, this will start wearing off after a point. It is inevitable ladies. Keeping that spark alive is something you both will have to make an effort towards.

4. Think first, react later

You may have been the impulsive girl all your life but it’s time to hold your horses. Think before you react when arguing with him. You both are still getting to know each other, so give each other the benefit of doubt.  

5. You have to compromise

This holds true for any marriage, ladies. But perhaps, in an arranged marriage setup, since you’re very new to each other, the degree of compromise may be a tad bit higher initially.
5 arranged marriage

6. Speak up

Don’t expect him to know everything that’s going on in your head – communication is THE key, especially in an arranged marriage because you both still don’t know each other in and out. However, one piece of advice - never start the day off with any sort of nagging or complaining.

7. Lots of new things to deal with

Life changes after any sort of marriage. However, in a love marriage you will obviously know the guy and will have a certain comfort factor with him. On the other hand, in an arranged marriage, you might have to deal with more of a change since even the man you’re living with now is way too new in your life, apart from the new family, new house and new surroundings.

8. Food matters

Since you both are still getting to know each other, the food cooked and eaten in that house may not be as per your liking. You’re just going to, in your own subtle way, make it clear to the new family what your likes and dislikes are. Don’t worry, ladies, they’ll all come around and the meals will become interesting. 8 arranged marriage

9. Gratitude is a big thing

Learn to say your thank yous to him and appreciate him when he makes any sort of effort for you. This is one of the most important ways to strengthen your bond and grow to love each other.

10. Be the first to apologise

Really. It’s not a big deal. And on that note, accept apologies graciously too. As they say, you will get what you give, ladies. GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy