13 Things Every Girl Feels Bad About - But Really Shouldn’t!!

13 Things Every Girl Feels Bad About - But Really Shouldn’t!!
There are a few things we girls do, but feel bad about in our hearts. It may be related to our own mind, body or the people around us, but somehow we just feel bad about it! We get that you don't know how to explain why exactly - we've been there too after all! Here are 13 such things no girl should feel bad about, ever!

1. Wanting to have sex and initiating it

Umm… You have hormones too. So why not?! There’s no reason to feel bad about this, girls.

2. Saying no when someone asks for a favour

Especially if it's someone who takes you for granted! Just because they think you will never say NO to them! It’s okay to be the bad cop sometimes. Try it! 2 things no girl should feel bad about

3. Crying and wanting time out after a breakup

Everyone needs to cope and there’s nothing wrong about wanting to vent in whichever way you think is right for your mind. You don’t have to feel weak about it - just do what feels right!

4. Getting drunk and calling or messaging an ex

Relax - maybe that’s exactly what you wanted to tell him but never found the guts to! Bade bade desho mein aisi chhoti chhoti batein hoti rehti hai, Senorita! *Wink* 4 things no girl should feel bad about

5. Gaining a few extra kilos

If you gained them eating your favourite dishes at your favourite restaurants with your favourite people…or even if it was totally out of your hands - there’s nothing to feel bad about it!

6. Spending on yourself...extravagantly!

If it's your money it's your business - spend it how you like!
6 things no girl should feel bad about

7. Taking a job that wasn’t ‘perfect’

We all do that, don’t we? But girls, don’t beat yourself up over it. You’ll always learn something from the job - even if it's just that it wasn't right for you!

8. Walking out of a long term friendship

You couldn’t cope with your bestie’s demands or because it felt too fake… Whatever be the reason. If you’ve taken a decision, don’t feel guilty about it! 8 things no girl should feel bad about

9. Standing up against douchebags, for women’s rights

Be it supporting other women or standing up for yourself when you’re being ill-treated, you should not feel bad about speaking up.

10. Having a one night stand

It was just one night, so WHAT?! It’s okay to let yourself have one! Or two. Or three. 10 things no girl should feel bad about

11. Disagreeing with your folks

You’re a grown woman, your parents and you might have a difference of opinion and that’s completely normal. Happens to us all! The wise thing is to not turn this disagreement into a fight. And don't take it to heart!

12. Climbing the corporate ladder too fast

Don’t let what others think of you, bring you down. You’re a firecracker, girl! And you deserve every wonderful thing that comes your way.
12 things no girl should feel bad about

13. Wanting to ‘pleasure’ yourself

You don’t have to think twice, really! It's totally natural and actually healthy! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr