13 Little Things Guys Only Do When They’re Crazy About You!

13 Little Things Guys Only Do When They’re Crazy About You!
It’s tough to fall in love, right? You have to be really great at the guessing game to actually figure out whether someone you like, likes you back or not. Men might be difficult to read but here are 13 things men do only when they are absolutely crazy about you! So check them out and find out if he really is head over heels in love with you.

1. Accompany you almost everywhere

Or at least always be ready to accompany you anywhere. Whether it is shopping for groceries or a regular stroll, he is always ready to be by your side. All you have to do is ask!

2. Talk about the future

And always include the word ‘we’ when doing so. It’s no longer just about him, he wants you to be a part of every milestone in his life too. 2 things men do

3. Actually consider your opinion

He doesn’t just ask you for your opinion because it is the right thing to do, but because it actually matters to him. What you think, what you expect are all questions he asks himself before making any crucial decision.

4. Talks about his fears

Being in a vulnerable position in front of someone else is a big deal for men. So if he is actually discussing his fears, likes and dislikes with you, then you know how much he truly trusts you. 4 things men do

5. Share their food with you

Most men hate sharing their food, even if they don’t mention anything about it on the first date! (Remember Joey?) So if he is open to the idea of you gobbling down half of his fries, then girls, you’ve got a keeper!

6. Stand up for you

He always has your back, no matter what. It doesn’t concern who he is up against but as long as it’s about you, he will readily fight the entire world!
6 things men do

7. Remember the little things you say

Because he is not just hearing what you say but actually listening. He remembers your little habits and likes and dislikes and often keeps them in mind when you’re together.

8. Introduces you to his family and friends

It’s a huge step for a guy to introduce a girl to his family. It means that he is ready to take things to a much more serious level. Similarly, with his friends, if he is excited about you meeting them, then he really is into this relationship as much as you are. 8 things men do

9. Agree to miss their sport for you

So this one is probably one of the most major sacrifices he’ll ever make for you. It won’t happen often so don’t keep expecting it, but once in awhile, if he decides to skip his match just to stay a little while longer for you, then you’re one lucky woman!

10. Love you in PJs as much as in a dress

He doesn’t care whether you meet him with clean hair and a nice dress or in your unwashed PJs with a messy-bun. He continues to find you super duper attractive. 10 things men do

11. Compliment your body

All your stretch marks and the parts of your body that you want to hide are simply beautiful to him. And he won’t stop telling you that!

12. Stick to the plans they make

And actually initiate making plans with you instead of waiting for you to plan out every date. He doesn’t ditch you last minute or keep you hanging, unless he absolutely has to! 12 things men do

13. They talk about you all the time

You often hear his friends talking about how he never shuts up about you! And isn’t that a great feeling? If he talks about you all the time, it means you’re on his mind all the time and what more can we ask for, right? GIFs: Giphy