10 Things Girls Want To Tell Guys… About Bras!

10 Things Girls Want To Tell Guys… About Bras!
Dear guys, we know you don’t wear them, but you can’t escape them either, can you? What goes on between us women, and the bra clan is a very personal relationship. Nevertheless there are a few things guys should know about bras! Trust us, you wanna know!

1. No, just two or three are not enough.

And no they are not the female counter parts to your banyaans... Unless banyaans come in 15 different types and make you feel sexy AF! 1 things guys should know about bras

2. Not all bras have the same number of hooks. Just deal with it!

Some have 2, some have 3 and some have none a.k.a sports bras or bralettes. You need to be ready for anything if you want to be the one taking it off!

3. AND not all of them have hooks at the back.

Yep! There are bras that have hooks in the front. So maybe use your eyes to figure out where the hooks are, before trying to tear our precious (and expensive!) bras? 3 things guys should know about bras

4. We love our bras but we need to fling them far away from our boobs, the moment we get home.

Oh, sweet freedom! You'll never understand the pains of boob-jail!

5. Do NOT flick the strap!

It seriously hurts! A lot! Plus, it also ruins the elasticity of the straps. 5 things guys should know about bras

6. Don’t just throw them on the floor.

No. Just no. That’s not cool. They are delicate beings after all… Yes, we said ‘beings’! Just aim for the chair or the sofa if you can?

7. Admire it before you ahem…unhook it.

Because, hello? We spent so much time selecting the perfect bra and then wearing it for this special night. You can’t just send it flying across the room without even pausing to ‘ooooh’ at it once! 7 things guys should know about bras

8. And because we spend dolla-dolla bills buying them!

Don’t be fooled by that plain, simple looking bra. That thing is the reason we have had to cancel our dessert orders - multiple times!!

9. We know you like it, but the lace is f**king uncomfortable.

It makes our boobies itch sometimes. So don't give us that look when we're trying to, um, adjust. 9 things guys should know about bras

10. We can love them, we can hate them, but we can’t ignore them… And neither should you!

True story! Right, boys?! GIFs: Giphy