15 Things People Say To Girls Who Have Small Boobs (Just WHY?!)

15 Things People Say To Girls Who Have Small Boobs (Just WHY?!)
Every girl has a unique body type. There are girls with big boobs, small boobs, girls who are tall, girls who are short and so on. And somehow, all of us get a bunch of comments that makes us either cringe, or laugh until we start crying. So here's a shout out to all the girls who have smaller boobs, here are some absurd things people say that'll make you think, ‘I’ve heard this one before!’

1. ‘Just wait till you get pregnant, they’ll grow bigger.’

Thanks for telling me. Let me get to work on that then?

2. ‘At least you won’t have sagging boobs or LBP (lower back pain) later in life!’

Oh, wow! Lucky me. I would've never guessed that! 2 small boobs

3. ‘I’m sure you can easily step out without even wearing a bra.’

Yea, right! Have you seen where we live?

4. ‘But boys like girls with curves…’

Really? I thought boys like girls with brains… But maybe that's just me! 4 small boobs

5. ‘You must have an insane collection of push ups and padded bras.’

Umm, maybe. Or maybe not. Or maybe… NONE of your business!

6. ‘Have you ever tried chest exercises or boob massage oils to increase your size? Or ever considered surgery, maybe?’

Ever considered keeping your mouth shut, maybe?! 6 small boobs

7. ‘Start having crazy monkey sex and they’ll grow bigger!’

Just one problem - I don't think a bigger bust size is reason enough to have sex!

8. ‘Do you even get your bra size at stores? Wait, what’s your bra size again?’

Wait, who the hell are you, again?! Move along!
8 small boobs

9. ‘Climbing steps and playing sport must be so comfortable for you, with no bouncing problems, if you know what I mean.’

No, I don't actually, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Why don't you elaborate?

10. ‘Don’t worry sweetheart, even though you don’t have big boobs, at least you have beautiful eyes/ hair/ skin…’

Um, wait, is that a compliment? I feel like I should get offended but also say thanks... 10 small boobs

11. ‘I’m sure you can easily pass off as a guy if you wear a loose jumper with a hoodie. Have you ever tried it?’

Yea, you’re right and maybe I could even grow a moustache to make it look more real.

12. ‘Maybe if you put on some weight, then…’

Okay, then. McDonald’s… Here we come! I can send you the bill, right?! 12 small boobs

13. ‘Your boyfriend must definitely be an ass person, because clearly…’

Because clearly...WHAT? Boys love boobs. Every kind of boobs. And they definitely don't judge by the size.

14. ‘Does it make you feel conscious?’

Shouldn't I be asking you that? Don’t big boobs make you feel conscious? #PlotTwist
14 small boobs

15. ‘I’d give you some if I could…’

I take that back. Thanks, but no thanks. You can keep your boobs. Really! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr