15 Adorable Ways I Wish My Future Husband Bonds With My Family!

15 Adorable Ways I Wish My Future Husband Bonds With My Family!
From a very young age, every girl has aspirations about how she wants her dream wedding to be, her husband to be and of course, that perfect wedding outfit. But that’s not all - deep down, every girl also wishes that her husband enjoys doing sweet little things for her family and loves each one of them as dearly as she does. Now wouldn't you agree with that? Read on for a list of things every girl wishes her future husband does for her family.

1. I wish he bonds with my dad over drinks and they have some fun man-to-man talk.

Well, cheers to that. 1 future husband

2. I wish he enjoys playing games on the Xbox or PlayStation with my brother and watches Football with him while cheering their favourite teams!

That way I won’t have to do that anymore. Phew!

3. I wish he takes my little sister and me out for shopping or coffee dates just to be part of our special bond!

In the process, I’ll get to shop a little as well! Yay! 3. future husband

4. I would want him to be a big brother to my baby brother and even be his wingman and confidant at times.

Because as an older sister, you can’t do it all. #BroTime

5. Wouldn’t it be awesome if my husband teams up with my family members and makes fun of the silly, quirky things about me like how long I take to dress up or how I can be such a cry baby at times?

I may pretend to get annoyed but I would secretly love it if he does so! 5 future husband

6. It would make me incredibly happy if my future husband is able to have a one-on-one fun conversation and gossip sessions with my dear mom, even when I’m not around.

Wouldn’t that be so adorable? Mummy and my husband bonding!

7. I wish that he calls my mom and dad, ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.

Awwwww! 7 future husband

8. I hope that he makes the effort of taking annual trips with my family, even if it means going to a nearby beach destination or a hill station. What matters is that he looks forward to spending time with my family.

Because a family that travels together, stays together!

9. How lucky would I be if he wishes my mom and dad on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and their birthdays without me telling him to do so, and maybe even sends over some flowers and chocolates to their place?

Now such a guy is an absolute keeper, wouldn’t you agree? 9 future husband

10. I would love it if my future husband simply loves my family, just like I do.

Love them like I do, la la love them like I do… *Ellie Goulding background music*

11. I wish he’d come along with me to stay over at my parents’ when I visit them, instead of me visiting by myself.

Simply because I’ll miss him otherwise. And besides, he loves being with them just as much as I do. 11 future husband (2)

12. I really hope he treats my home as his home and roams around in the house in his PJs and asks my mom to cook him his favourite dish!

The comfort factor’s got to be there, after all!

13. I would love it if my man would listen to my dadima’s stories as enthusiastically as I always have.

They are so fun, aren’t they? 13 future husband

14. He’d better take on the task to teach my dad how to use an i-pad!

PHEW, ‘cause love is all about sharing responsibilities… *Wink*

15. I wish that he doesn’t miss a single chance to let them know that he will love their daughter till the end of time!

Because that matters the most to them. #PrincessFeels 15 future husband GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr