10 Things Every Single Girl Of ‘Marriageable’ Age Will Get!

10 Things Every Single Girl Of ‘Marriageable’ Age Will Get!
There are a lot of things that happen in your life in that phase when you can get married...but you don’t. Yes, the single but not-ready-to-get-married phase! We don’t know if it’s better or worse but we do know that if you’re going through that phase, you will definitely relate to these 10 things!

1. You’re sick of people asking ‘But, why not?’

No matter how you explain it, people just don't understand the logic behind your arguments. So what if you want to build a career? You can do that after marriage. So what if you can’t connect with someone? Get married and you will, eventually! 1 single but not ready to get married

2. You are often introduced to new boys at family functions

One moment you’re sitting there innocently, sipping from your glass of coke float and the next, you’re meeting ‘Sharma ji’s son, fresh back from America with a doctorate’ and being forced into absolutely senseless small talk!

3. You can feel aunties checking you out at weddings

As soon as you enter a wedding or family function, you can just feel the life threatening gaze of aunties, wondering if you’re the one they’ve been looking for! They judge your walk, talk, clothes before walking up to your mom and asking ‘Umar kitni ho gayi aapki beti ki?’ 3 single but not ready to get married

4. All your male friends are probable husbands for your family

Gone are the days when you could call your guy friend over for an innocent cup of tea... Now, you’ll have your parents waiting with a creepy smile and hope in their eyes!

5. You often hear the phrase ‘ek rishta aaya hai’

And you dread it everyday! Because it follows the most precious hours of your life spent explaining why you are just not interested...again! 5 single but not ready to get married

6. You are always tagged in all the single girl memes

Even though they’re kind of funny, it’s annoying when your friends keep tagging you EVERY DAY. Like, seriously, don’t married people have better things to do?

7. Or asked silly things like how many cats you plan to have

You don’t plan to keep any cats! Or dogs! Or rodents! All you really need to come back home to is your warm blanket and a glass of the finest wine!
7 single but not ready to get married

8. You’re among the few unmarried people in your friend circle

And to be honest, you don’t even mind. I mean, yes, you have your lonely moments (you're only human after all!) but you know your true happiness lies within yourself and not with someone else and you’re quite okay with that.

9. You’re flooded with wedding/ honeymoon Facebook posts

So much so, that somedays, you just avoid using all types of social media unless you absolutely have to! Not that you’re jealous but you just can’t handle another ‘Now it’s your turn’ comment anymore! 9 single but not ready to get married

10. And you’re secretly judging all your married friends

No, not in a bad way! And, in your defense, life is pretty awesome when you’re single and not ready to mingle! Are we right? *Wink* GIFs: Tumblr