11 Things You Shouldn’t Put Up With In A Relationship… EVER!

11 Things You Shouldn’t Put Up With In A Relationship… EVER!
Have you ever loved someone so much that you’ve gone all out of your way to make them happy? While, you may do this out of good faith, make sure that you don’t become a scapegoat. Never let someone treat you like you aren’t deserving enough. You are strong, beautiful and unique. You deserve a man who treats you like an equal. If your boyfriend isn’t half the man he claims to be, you can always flip the coin. Here are 11 things you never put up with in a relationship.

1. When he lies to you time and again

First off, you didn’t sign up for this. Lying is addictive and if he lied once, chances are, he’ll do it again. You shouldn’t settle for half-hearted love. Free yourself from this relationship and find someone who really takes the effort to be truthful to you. 1 never put up with in a relationship

2. When he belittles you

Be it in front of strangers or your loved ones, it’s shallow of him to take a dig at your aspirations, choices, family and character. You don’t have to tolerate this, at all. Remember, no one has the power to belittle you unless you intentionally give it to them. Don’t give him the chance to point a finger at you.

3. When he chooses work over you

It’s great when he’s focused and loves his job, but not at the cost of your relationship. If he’s constantly working and can’t find the time in his busy schedule for you, then you aren’t dating a boyfriend, you’re with a workaholic. Know the difference. 3 never put up with in a relationship

4. When he doesn’t return texts or calls persistently

No matter how busy one is, replying to a text takes less than a minute. It’s basic courtesy and indirectly shows, that he cares. Sometimes, it’s not intentional. He could genuinely be busy. But if it happens repeatedly, it isn’t a good sign, girls.

5. When he cheats and wants a second chance

If your trust is broken once, things can never go back to the way they were before. It will haunt you like a ghost from the past, every night. If you really love this guy, give it time and take things slow and be really sure before giving in. Don’t be emotionally weak while testing the waters. 5 never put up with in a relationship (1)

6. When he doesn’t value the people you love

The boy who doesn’t value your loved ones now will probably not love you in the future as well. Respect is a two-way street. If he doesn’t follow that principle, he’s certainly not a keeper.  

7. When he comes in the way of your goals and ambitions

Everyone has dreams and they are different for different people. So, he has no business interfering in your goals and dreams. He should be supporting and motivating you and not bringing you down. 7 never put up with in a relationship (1)

8. When he ALWAYS wants to be number 1

Your relationship shouldn’t be a competition. A little competition is healthy to keep the motivation alive, but when it goes overboard, don’t hesitate to put an end to it. You want a partner, a companion, not someone who wants to beat you to the top.  

9. When he trusts what he hears and not sees

The only person he should trust is the person he’s in a relationship with. If he’s cornering you with questions and doubts, you can clarify it to him once. But if this happens repeatedly, he has trust issues which are his to deal with. Be strong and don’t take anything like this.
9 never put up with in a relationship (1)

10. When he asks you to change for his likes

No one should change for anyone. If he’s asked you to do it, it’s probably because he doesn’t like you the way you already are. Don’t change for anyone. In a world full of copies, be original. Stand your ground and embrace who you are.

11. When he puts you through abuse

Be it emotional, mental or physical, none of these forms of abuse is acceptable. Change your subservient attitude and tell him to read between the lines. You have a whole life ahead of you and you must make every moment of it count. You are so worth it! 11 never put up with in a relationship GIFs: Tumblr