11 Things Girls In Relationships Do… Without Even Realizing!

11 Things Girls In Relationships Do… Without Even Realizing!
When you are in a relationship, you do certain things you don’t really realize you are doing, unless someone points it out. They aren’t such a big deal but they are cute and adorable and make you the sweetheart that you are. Here are a few things girls do in a relationship...unknowingly!

1. Act like a kiddo at times

Because it’s kinda hard to be a grown-up all the time and sometimes all you want is his undivided attention and pampering! 1 things girls do in a relationship

2. Flip through the men’s section on the online shopping websites

Totally! You may not realize this, but you have certainly done it. In fact, you still do. Even if you are just subconsciously thinking about what to gift him next… For his birthday or Valentine’s day or just because! Also, if there’s a sale, it saves you money. *Self-five*

3. ‘Like’ everything he posts on social media

Whether it’s a post he shared or a status he wrote or a photo he uploaded… Your cursor just automatically moves toward the ‘like’ button, without even realizing! 3 things girls do in a relationship

4. And scan his Facebook page every now and then

You can help but click through to his profile when you see his name. And then scroll WAY down, to the time when he hadn't even met you.

5. Daydream about your wedding day!

You see a wedding card, or a wedding photo and BAM, you're thinking about your wedding day! Accept it. It happens to all of us! Chillax! 5 things girls do in a relationship

6. And then about his expression when he sees you in your bridal attire for the first time...

*Goes back to daydreaming*

7. Subconsciously keep a mental list of common expenses!

He paid 50 for the auto and you paid 60 for the golgappas. Cool! You're even! 7 things girls do in a relationship

8. Not carry a night suit for a sleepover with him anymore…

His tees are just way more comfy and look cute on you!

9. Talk to him on the phone in the washroom… Even while doing your business!

Because you couldn’t miss his call and, of course, you couldn’t miss nature’s call either. So, you end up answering both at the same time. And you so don't get the big deal about it.
9 things girls do in a relationship

10. Imagine yourself dancing with him on ‘your’ song in a Bollywood setting.

Hahaha, don’t lie! You have totally imagined yourself in place of Shraddha Kapoor and your boyfriend in place of Aditya Roy Kapoor in ‘The Humma Song’ from Ok Jaanu.

11. Love him more than it’s possible to put in words

You may or may not say it everyday or show it all the time, but you really do love him and when he is not around you really, really miss him! 11 things girls do in a relationship GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr