10 Simple Things EVERY Girl Says… And What Her Boyfriend Hears!

10 Simple Things EVERY Girl Says… And What Her Boyfriend Hears!
We all know that girls are confusing beings and it’s not all that easy to read us. So obviously, blaming boys when they don’t understand the secret meaning behind the things we say is not a good idea… Right?! So instead, we made a list of the things girlfriends say and what their boyfriends make of them. Keep these in mind when you're trying to tell him something in the future, girls!

1. “Let’s watch the latest Star Wars film in the theatre...”

What he hears: “Let’s watch Star Wars this weekend so that I can bully you into watching the sappy Bollywood movie releasing next weekend!” 1 things girlfriends say

2. “I’ll be cooking for you tonight!”

What he hears: “Honey, make a last wish because you won’t survive my cooking!”

3. “I’ll drive myself home, don't worry.”

What he hears: “I'll try to get home safe but instead, I’ll miss a turn or two on the way back and lose my way, panic and frantically call you up in the next 7 minutes!” 3 things girlfriends say

4. “Oh, he’s just a friend.”

What he hears: “Oh, he’s actually a former crush or an ex-boyfriend whom I’m referring to as ‘just a friend’, to avoid waking up the green monster secretly living inside you.”

5. “Will you come shopping with me?”

What he hears: “Let’s go out shopping and hopping from Zara, to H&M, then Charles and Keith and every shop in the mall...while you carry my gazillion shopping bags, of course. That’s not all, helping me decide what to buy obviously goes without saying!” 5 things girlfriends say

6. “It’s okay, just forget about it!”

What he hears: “Let’s forget about what happened and end this nasty fight.” (Seriously, do you know us at ALL?)

7. “I’ve got my period.”

What he hears: “I’m not preggers, yay! Baby, more action for you - in 5 short days!!!” 7 things a 20 something girl says

8. “I’m not in the mood for making out.”

What he hears: “I'm just not turned on by you anymore...”

9. “Let’s plan a weekend getaway together, just you and me.”

What he hears: “I’m finally ready to have sex with you. That's what this trip is about!” 9 things a 20 something girl says

10. “Do your parents know about us?”

What he hears: “I’m very serious about this relationship which means that I would love to know if your parents are onboard as well… And I want to meet them too!” GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr