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13 Things You’ll Totally Get If Biryani Is Your One True Bae!

13 Things You’ll Totally Get If Biryani Is Your One True Bae!

We all know that biryani is not just food… It’s love, it’s passion and above all, it’s life. And nobody understands this better than a true biryani lover. The ones who spend their lives carefully sniffing the air, looking into menus to find the one word that will always bring a smile to their face - biryani. Here are 13 things you’ll get if biryani is your one true love!
1. Sleepover and salads? More like besties because of biryanis! Some of your best memories are of you and your bestie scarfing down plates and plates of biryani together. With raita, of course! 2. Absolutely nothing ruins your day the way a badly cooked biryani does! 3. After a breakup, you don't crave ice cream and chocolates. You just need biryani with pyaaz and green chutney. And you'll be okay. 3 biryani lover 4. You find pride in the depth of your biryani knowledge - Afghani, Hyderabadi, Kashmiri - you know them all! 5. You like your alone time with your biryani - after all, that's how you can make the most of it. No fork, no knife - your hands are enough for that chicken leg piece! 6. You love taking your vegetarian friends out. That way no one tries to steal a bite of your biryani! 6 biryani lover 7. When travelling, your number one priority is not to go sightseeing but to find the best biryani place and gobble down a few plates. 8. There's really no biryani like the breakfast biryani. And if there's anything left, you can have it for lunch or dinner too!
9. You have exact data, numbers and historical facts to prove why there is no such thing as a vegetarian biryani! 9 biryani lover 10. You're like Joey - if there is biryani for dinner, you always change into your pajamas before eating. Just so you can ‘comfortably’ eat your 4 servings! 11. Most of your major arguments happen because people don’t consider your favourite style of biryani the best! 12. You are constantly getting tagged in memes like these...and well, you really don’t mind! 12 biryani lover 13. You were waiting for this article to get over so that you can go and order yourself a nice plate of biryani because...you can!
Published on Jan 25, 2017
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