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The First Time I Joined Him... In The Shower!

The First Time I Joined Him... In The Shower!
Yash and I had kind of started out as friends with benefits. We had met in our first year of college and became friends at the first coffee-spill. As for the benefits...they began sometime in our second year and were pretty damn mind blowing. Two months into our ‘no-strings-attached’ relationship, we had realized that there was absolutely no way either of us was messing this thing up. We were together - and we didn’t care about labels. Second semester of second year another amazing thing happened to us... No morning classes! Which meant he could stay over in my flat without worrying about if we’ll make it to class on time, the next morning.
‘I can't tell you how much I love this feeling of just lazing in bed with you’ he said, the first morning, as soon as I opened my eyes. ‘Talk about yourself. I still need to get ready and head to the library. My eco paper won't write itself!’. My first thought in the morning is always overly ambitious. He laughed, turned around and started checking the news on his phone. No, Sana, you’re turning a new leaf this sem. Think about your grades, not about how cute his butt is! Internal shower together Yes, boys aren’t the only ones who are turned on in the morning. And even though I was feeling rather frisky seeing him semi-covered by my sheets, I pulled myself out of bed and dragged my ass to the attached bathroom. As I was brushing my teeth, Yash came up to the open door and asked, ‘you mind if I jump into the shower?’ I nodded in response since my mouth was still occupied and gestured him to go ahead.
My mind had already formulated a plan. As soon as he was naked in there, I would join him! He had suggested we shower together many times before so why not finally try it? I heard the water running and slipped in behind him. Wow, his body was literally steaming! Stupidly, I made a sudden move to wrap my arms around him. Really stupid actually because the water was so hot! ‘F***ck! Ouch, ouch, ouch… What is wrong with youuuu?!’ I cursed him as I attached myself to the back wall, far away from the reach of the water. He had obviously realized what had shocked me - and was conveniently laughing his ass off. ‘Why are you laughing, are you insane? How has this water not burnt you yet? It's like the inside of a volcano in here!’ He just continued to laugh. I pulled a towel off the rack, wrapped myself in it and huffed out of the bathroom with as much anger as I could muster. ‘Hurry up, I'll take my nice and normal temperature shower once you're done with that sauna!’
He walked out 10 mins later, with a towel wrapped around his waist and tried to hug me. ‘Hey, if it makes you feel better I'll have a cold shower with you next time. Well, colder, at least.’ I punched him lightly and pushed him away but he didn't let me go. He went on to tickle me in that spot that he knows I can't resist… And then I got him a little dirty, all over again - just for revenge! Images: Shutterstock