12 Super Cute Texts To Send Him Just Before The Wedding Begins!

12 Super Cute Texts To Send Him Just Before The Wedding Begins!
The time just before the wedding is when you start getting butterflies in your tummy. You’re both excited and nervous at the thought of beginning a whole new phase of your life with your sweetheart! But brides-to-be, you must not let this anxiety affect the romance in your life. To ease things out a bit, and go about it in a full blown romantic way, here are some texts to send to your fiance just before the wedding. They’re so aww-dorable, he’ll want to make a dash to the mandap right away!

1. ‘Hello hotness/ handsome’

This is so much better than reading a regular ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’, you’d agree! Besides, if you are the shy sorts, he won’t see you blushing as you press ‘send’ and it will definitely put a smile on his face!

2. ‘Knight in shining armour: check!’

Every man wants to be the dream man for his significant other. Let him know that he is the one, and that you can’t wait to begin your life with him. 2 texts to send to your fiance

3. ‘I love waking up to your good morning texts. Counting the days when I can wake up by your side!’

We are sure that your man feels the same way and he is counting the days when he can snooze cuddling up with you, and wake up to your pretty face each morning. Let him know that the feelings are mutual.

4. ‘Thank you for reminding me what butterflies in my tummy feel like.’

Which guy wouldn’t be pleased to know that he gets you both nervous and excited at the same time? 4 texts to send to your fiance

5. ‘I can’t imagine my life without you.’

Because he deserves to know how head-over-heels in love his girl is with him!

6. ‘Counting the days to when we can officially Netflix and chill!’

This text is sure to send his excitement levels further up. A sort of a sneak peek into the stuff that’s in store for him once you both tie the knot. 6 texts to send to your fiance

7. ‘Be with me? Forever?’

Imagine your man blushing, and smiling ear to ear while as he looks at his phone screen.

8. ‘Do you know I love you? A LOT!’

The fact that you’re getting married can be nerve-wracking at times, not just for us ladies but for men as well. Knowing how much you’re into him would definitely calm his nerves down and the soon-to-happen wedding will cause all the more excitement for him. 8 texts to send to your fiance

9. Good morning, sweetheart! P.S. I love your butt!

While good morning texts are an absolute yes, send him a naughty surprise in that text by adding the P.S. bit to it. We’re sure he wouldn't have seen this one coming. *Wink*

10. As our wedding day gets closer, I’m falling more in love with you, with each passing day.

Awwwww. Now this is going to send him on cloud nine. 10 texts to send to your fiance

11. I have a suggestion, kiss me when we meet next?

A little hanky panky before the wedding is almost essential. Reading your suggestion is a sure way to put a naughty grin on your sweetheart’s face.

12. *Heart emoticon*.

This is a no brainer. A tiny little emoticon and what a whirlwind of loving and happy emotions it can create. He will be itching to reach that mandap already! 12 texts to send to your fiance GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr