10 Sweet Things To Text Your Bestie… To Make Her Feel *Loved*

10 Sweet Things To Text Your Bestie… To Make Her Feel *Loved*
You and your bestie are soulmates and you both know what you mean to each other. You have seen each other through thick and thin and stuck by each other when things got rough. So here are a few texts to send to your bestie that will make her feel loved!

1. ‘You annoy the bejesus out of me at times, but there ain’t no way I am surviving on this planet without you.’

Because if it wasn’t for her you would go quite mad! 1 texts to send to your bestie

2. ‘If aliens ever abduct us, I hope we are on the same spaceship. Because separating us is going to be the last mistake of their species! Those aliens are going dowwwn!’

Nada! Not even the aliens stand a chance against you both!

3. ‘You know what, babe? You hot. You sweet. You awesome. That guy who dumped you is a complete jackass!’ *Kisses*

This one’s for when she starts missing her ex, out of the blue. 3 texts to send to your bestie

4. ‘Hey, I am coming over. And I am getting pizza. You want brownies or gulab jamuns for dessert?’

Just because you were missing her or she was having a bad day.

5. ‘You are the marshmallow to my hot chocolate, the saunth to my gol gappa and rabri to my jaelbi! *Grin emoticon*’

Because she really, really is! 5 texts to send to your bestie

6. ‘You are my Rachel and I am your Monica. Let’s just keep Chandler out of this. *Tongue out emoticon*’

You’ve always dreamt of living together like Monica and Rachel, haven’t you?

7. ‘You stuck by me when everyone else thought I was crazy. That’s when I knew… You were crazy too and that we are born to be chaddi buddies!’

Because you can both be crazy and stupid, together! 7 texts to send to your bestie

8. ‘Hey listen, you are stuck with me…for life. You know that, right? Like, even when we are both hairless and toothless and wrinkled and smell like old ladies.’

You both just cannot imagine a world without your bestie by your side.

9. ‘I know we met just yesterday, but it feels like I haven't seen you in ages. Come to me soon, pleaseee!’

Yesterday was too long ago, no? 9 texts to send to your bestie

10. ‘Oyeee bestieee… I love you, yaar!’

Because sometimes it's just that simple, yaar! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr