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13 Cute Texts To Let Your Newly Married Sister Know You Miss Her

13 Cute Texts To Let Your Newly Married Sister Know You Miss Her

Your elder sister getting married is not just a big life change for her but for you as well. Your first ever best friend, the one you shared your first top secret with and your partner in crime for all those childhood mischievous things you did… Yes, that wonderful woman you looked up to has found her man. And you can’t help but feel a thousand emotions now that she’s gone ahead to start her new life. But don’t you worry girl, you’ll get used to it. And trust us, it’ll only make your bond stronger. Here are 13 adorable texts for your sister who just got married.
1. ‘I still can’t believe you’re married! But you better let jiju know that I came into your life before him and I’ll always be your No.1.’ 1 texts for your sister 2. *Send a picture of your bed* ‘I miss you… Where are you?! I can’t be sleeping alone like this.’ 3. ‘Not fair. You just decided to leave me all alone and get married? Not happening… Get back right here, right now!’ 4. ‘Hi Di… Listen, you and jiju are one now. So does that mean I get double the love?!’ *Happy dance* 4 texts for your sister 5. ‘I love you I love you I love you… And I miss you, I miss you, I miss you X 1000 times!’ 6. ‘Hellooooo… When are we meeting? It’s been 24 hours since your vidaai… Don’t you think you need to come see me now?’ 7. *Sad selfie* ‘Do you really want your little sister to look like this? No na?! Then promise me that you’ll come see me super soon!’ 7 texts for your sister 8. ‘OMG! You’re going on a honeymoon...oooohh. I want all the deets and live updates. I’ll miss you so much!’ 9. ‘Di, you’re the only person who knows me much better than even I know myself. How will I ever take care of myself without you around?’ *Sad emoticon* 10. ‘OK sorry, I don’t want the room all to myself and I even promise to keep the AC on the temperature that you want. Now will you please drop in for a night stay…like ASAP! Pretty please?’ 10 texts for your sister 11. ‘Now that you’re married, you have so many new relations but I hope our relationship never changes. I always want to be your annoying little sister. I love you.’ 12. ‘Let jiju know that I love him. But I love you even more. And you love me sabse zyaada!’ 13. ‘Di, you’ve been my best friend, my teacher and so many times almost like mumma, and I can’t imagine that you’re already married and far away from me. I wish I could just run over and give you a tight hug… Right now!
13 texts for your sister GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Jan 6, 2017
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