Sunday Shorts: 3 *Hot* Tales Of Girls Taking Control In Bed!

Sunday Shorts: 3 *Hot* Tales Of Girls Taking Control In Bed!

1. The Key To The Bedroom

It was the awkward first date. The chemistry was evident, but when it came to making the first move, we were both playing coy. There was an arm's distance between us, in the cab, while he was dropping me home. He walked me till my doorstep, just when I was about to wish him 'goodnight', I had the sudden urge to reach for his face and kiss him. That night, instincts got the better of me. I grabbed his arms, wrapped them around my waist, cupped his face and kissed him passionately. Even though he was taken by surprise, he didn't pull back. He enjoyed every bit of it. Just when it was getting a bit intense, I showed him the key and asked him to meet me upstairs. That night, I took charge. I made sure that when he left the next morning, he was thrilled to bits.
1 taking the lead

2. Paradise

I was the sweet, docile girl. The news that I had a boyfriend had been quite a shock to most people around me. That night as I slipped into my satin negligee I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it. He was lying in bed, his eyes fixated on his phone. As I dimmed the lights he looked up in surprise and sat up as he saw me walking towards him. I climbed into his lap and sat facing him. As I caressed his face with my fingertips, I whispered, 'buckle up, you're in for a rough ride'. I started kissing him, starting from his lips to all the way down. And before we knew it, we were in depths of paradise we had no idea existed. 2 taking the lead

3. New Friends

I had a horrible day and was sitting at the bar alone, sipping a cocktail, when the bartender served me a glass of Margarita. I told him I hadn’t ordered anything and that’s when he pointed towards a guy sitting at the table behind me. He was alone and so good looking! I stood up and walked up to him with the glass, introducing myself. He was a little taken aback and told me he was quite impressed by my confidence. I said thank you and pulled a chair for myself, across the table.
After five drinks and a few hours of unapologetic flirting, we decided to head back to his apartment. He held me by my waist while we exited the bar. I pushed him inside the lift and started kissing him all over. Neither did I want to stop nor did I want to wait till we reached his place. We were making out in the parking lot and I was stripping him down to nothing. Twenty minutes later, I walked out of his car tipsy but with a mischievous smile on my face. 3 taking the lead Images: Shutterstock, Giphy, Tumblr