10 Ways To Show Your Love For *Him* Without Saying ‘I Love You’

10 Ways To Show Your Love For *Him* Without Saying ‘I Love You’
Yes, saying ‘I love you’ is a guaranteed way to make his heart melt, but sometimes you need to say a little more than just those three words, right? Here are 10 unique ways to say I love you without having to say it in words! You’ll love these, for sure!

1. Send him a quote of love

Send him a quote from his favourite author or from his favourite book. Simply saying ‘I love you’ is so mainstream, right? Bring in some change! 1 ways to say i love you

2. Flowers do all the magic

Send him a bouquet of fresh flowers to his workplace. It can be roses or a bunch of any other ones that you know he likes. It’ll freshen up his work desk and remind him of you...all day!

3. A big bear hug

Because nothing is better than a big bear, squishy-type, long, tight, warm hug. Especially after a long and stressful day! 3 ways to say i love you

4. Watch his favourite show without cribbing

Pop some popcorn, make some nachos and salsa, grab a beer and watch that T20 match with him. He will love and appreciate you for the gesture!

5. Do a chore that he hates

Just do the little unpacking for him that he was dreading and welcome him to a beautiful, prim and proper looking room as a surprise. Maybe even direct him straight to the bed! 5 ways to say i love you

6. Order his favourite food

Send him his favourite pizza or just randomly order in his favourite food for dinner to surprise him. Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than yummy food!

7. Stock his fridge with beer

Seriously, he will love you for this. All the I love yous combined can’t make a man happier than a man who has a fridge full of beer! 7 ways to say i love you

8. Some social media love

Upload that selfie you two clicked early in the morning and put a cute caption to it. He might not say it, but he will love it!

9. Leave a cute note in his wallet

As random as ‘Have a nice day’ or ‘ I miss you a lot, boo!’ Finding a sweet little note from you when he least expects it, will make him smile from ear to ear! 9 ways to say i love you

10. Give him a kiss - just because!

Sneak in a peck on his cheek or on his lips when you call him to see how that outfit looks on you in the trial room or maybe when he suddenly looks at you in the theatre. It's a wonderful way of expressing your love, ladies! GIFs: Giphy