10 *Stylish* Traits Of EVERY Aquarius Girl!

10 *Stylish* Traits Of EVERY Aquarius Girl!
Happy birthday month to all you amazing aquarius girls out there! Born in the first two months of the new year, Aquarians are all forms of awesome - from their independent spirit to their unique sartorial style. Here are 10 stylish traits of an aquarius woman that prove all great and fashionable women are born under this star sign. Have fun reading!

1. You own TONS of blue!

Because air is your element and by virtue of your zodiac you tend to like all things blue. Every Aquarius girl will agree that half her wardrobe is filled with clothes and accessories in different shades of blue. Purple and fuschia are also high on the list of your favourite colours. 1 stylish traits of an aquarius

2. You *love* statement jewellery...

And you own loads of it! Gorgeous necklaces and long dangling earrings always catch your eye. Thanks to your fierce and independent personality, you instantly fall in love with jewellery that stands out.  

3. You own some really unique stuff!

Aquarian women are known for their ingenuity. Owing to which, you always go hunting for things that the crowd is not following. You don’t follow trends, you create them! Shopping for the aquarius girl always means going to the tiniest nooks and corners, looking for unique stuff other people don’t seem to see. 3 stylish traits of an aquarius

4. You have a slogan tee...

It could be downright humorous or just a slogan you really believe in. Aquarians are rebels and don’t budge once they’ve made up their mind about something. The Aquarius girl surely doesn’t mind wearing her mood on her tee, which is why we’re sure you own at least one!

5. And some hippie accessories too!

You love all things that express freedom and fun. Nothing better than a fringed jacket, chunky silver accessories and stackable rings in different colours to express the same! Though the boho trend is in right now, that’s not the reason you have a soft corner for hippie stuff!
5 stylish traits of an quarius

6. You don’t own too many heels

Comfort always comes first for you. Though you might think heels are stylish, you like to make your own rules when it comes to style. You can totally rock a mini dress with flats too! From embellished sandals to uber hip gladiator flats, you have no qualms for ditching the heels for some comfy but nonetheless fabulous flats.

7. Your outfit always has one fun element!

Because you’re anything but boring, right? You make even the dullest outfits look fun and interesting just by giving it a touch of your style or by pulling it off with so much sass! Correct us if we’re wrong? 7 stylish traits of an aquarius

8. You still have the (insert fashion item) your bestie gave you!

You might be headstrong and rebellious but your close ones will agree that you’re the most affectionate and warm person they could have around. You’re very lovable and value relationships. Isn’t that why you’ve preserved the sweater your bestie gave you a few years back?

9. The specs appeal

Aquarians rock glasses like no other. They aren’t afraid to flaunt quirky frames and also have an affinity for super hip sunglasses. You aren’t afraid of making a statement with some seriously stylish glasses.
9 stylish traits of an aquarius

10. You own what you wear!

All things aside, you totally own what you wear! You’re a head turner in everything you put on. Thanks to the awesome sauce person you are, nothing kills your vibe!   GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr