13 Signs He Believes *You* Are His Happily Ever After!

13 Signs He Believes *You* Are His Happily Ever After!
Falling in love with someone is a beautiful, dreamy ride. It's all rainbows and flowers and chocolates in the beginning, but then reality kicks in and you begin to wonder… Am I making the right decision? Is he the right guy for me? Does he really love me? And what if, one fine day, he decides to leave? Well ladies, we understand how mind boggling all these doubts can be. So here are a few signs you should look out for, and if you can find them that means your boyfriend truly loves you and you have found true love!

1. He treats you as an equal and doesn’t demean you ever!

He doesn’t believe in conventional delusion of a man being superior to a woman. He treats you with respect and never demeans or disregards you in any way. It’s a sign of a strong man. 1 boyfriend truly loves you

2. He looks out for you, but doesn’t feel the need to put a GPS tracker on you

He is protective about you and wants you to be safe, but in a genuine way. Other than that, he does not feel the need to keep track of your whereabouts or who you are with, 24X7.

3. He supports your dreams even if he may not completely understand them

He believes in you and your capability and is always there to cheer you on. When you feel tired and fatigued, he motivates and encourages you to go on and not give up. 3 boyfriend truly loves you

4. When he talks about the future, you are a part of it… An important one.

He uses words like ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ instead of words like ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘mine’. He includes you in his future plans and you are a very important part of it. This shows that he is sincerely seeking a future with you.

5. He involves you in the major decisions of his life, because he trusts your opinions.

He takes your suggestions and advice seriously and doesn’t just involve you for the sake of formality. He may/ may not exactly do what you suggested, but he genuinely values your effort and input.
5 boyfriend truly loves you

6. He makes an effort to get along with your friends… Especially your bestie.

Because he knows how important they are to you and he would really want them to be his friends as well.

7. When you have a fight, he tries to reconcile.

Maybe not every single time, but at least 50% of the time. He doesn’t always expect you to initiate the patch-up and is not hesitant or ashamed of saying sorry, even if all of it wasn’t entirely his fault. 7 boyfriend truly loves you

8. When the going gets tough, he doesn’t run for the hills…

Things are bound to get inconvenient and uncomfortable at some point. In such situations, he sticks around and tries to sort things out… Together.

9. He remember little things about you… The ones that *really* matter.

He knows what comfort food to buy when you’re on your period, he remembers to wish you luck for the important exam or meeting and he remembers to celebrate the milestones of your relationship. 9 boyfriend truly loves you

10. He trusts you and does not get insecure for petty reasons.

He doesn’t feel threatened by your male friends and neither does he get insecure about you hanging out with them. He trusts you and doesn’t feel the need to question your loyalty and love.

11. He doesn’t care whether you are in your sweatpants or a mini skirt… You are beautiful to him in every way

He doesn’t care what you wear and does not judge you on your clothes. To him, you are gorgeous and wonderful just the way you are… Never mind your clothes or makeup. He will never be ashamed to be seen with you. 11 boyfriend truly loves you

12. He doesn’t judge you when you are not at your emotional best...

He understands that like everyone else, you too have your off days. He tries to help you through them but does not judge you even if you make a couple of not-so-wise decisions.

13. He may not say it all the time but he makes sure you know how much he loves you…

You mean the world to him and he believes you are his happily ever after. 13 boyfriend truly loves you GIFs: Tumblr