10 Signs You & Your Bestie Are Totally Made For Each Other!

10 Signs You & Your Bestie Are Totally Made For Each Other!
Dear girls, even if you already have a boyfriend, there are high chances that you may almost be dating your girl bestie! If these 10 things make you jump up and scream ‘so true!’ then you and your bestie are practically on your way to being soulmates, life partners, whatever you want to call it... But you guys are the real deal!

1. Your girl bestie’s number is at the top of your speed dial list.

Crushing on this new guy? Had a tiff with your mom? Your gel nail paint got chipped in a day? Bought new pjs? It’s your bestie whom you want to share every tiny detail about your life with, before anyone else. The reason is simple - you know that she’ll get you! 1 dating your girl bestie

2. ‘Netflix and Chill’ with your bestie? Check!

Doesn't every girl enjoy having late night movie marathons on Netflix and chill with some midnight snacks like popcorn and nachos on the side? Well, you and BFF totally do!

3. Your bestie is everyone’s (including your mom’s) first point of contact when they are having trouble getting in touch with you.

Just in case you go missing, instead of calling your boyfriend or landline, the whole world rings up your bestie to know your whereabouts. She's your other half, after all! 3 dating your girl bestie (1)

4. Pillow fights and sleepovers are part of everyday routine since you practically live at each other’s houses.

Both your families treat you and your bestie like sisters given the amount of time you spend with each other. Getting bored at your own house? You just casually go over to her place, pour yourself some juice from the refrigerator, kick back and watch some TV...even when she’s not at home! #twinning

5. You act all cutesy at times and send ugly or pms-y or double-chin-grumpy-face snapchat selfies to each other!

You can be yourself with her and that is just super refreshing. Plus, she never judges you! The phrase ‘in sickness and in health’ goes well with the relationship that you two share!
5 dating your girl bestie

6. You both share each other’s wardrobes, losing count of how many things you’ve borrowed!

You even put your boyfriend to shame with this...because you literally just have one of his big t-shirts to snuggle up in. Besties w/ benefits, duh!

7. And there are just too many of those girls-night-outs with a lot of drinks and heart to heart conversations (not to forget, the sexy drunk dancing) with her!

Now don’t pretend like you haven’t had such a crazy night out with your bestie! 7 dating your girl bestie (1)

8. You can count on her like 1, 2, 3...and she’ll be there!

If your bestie has got your back, no matter what happens, then it means that she’s the one! And sometimes you wonder to yourself, who is more protective of you? Your boyfriend or her? But then, the answer is easy too! #SistersBeforeMisters

9. You don’t think twice before changing clothes in front of her cause you’re so comfortable with each other!

Nothing sexual about it, just that a girl and her bestie have spent so much time together that they can't actually be shy anymore. After all, she has also helped change your clothes and tuck you into bed after some wild nights! And vice versa! 9 dating your girl bestie (1)

10. There is a lot of kissing and hugging and other PDA

People around you don't get too overwhelmed or shocked after seeing you and your bestie  passionately hug and blow kisses to each other every time you get excited, drunk, or are having an ‘aww’ moment. Because pyaar kiya toh darna kya
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