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13 Signs You’re A Hot, HOT Mess!

13 Signs You’re A Hot, HOT Mess!

Do you sometimes think of your life as an absolute and total mess? Well, we say, if we have to be a mess, let’s be a hot one! *Wink* And girls, here are 13 signs you are on the right path to be a hot, hot mess! 1. You’re always losing stuff, but then you also always have people to help you find them! From your bestie to your boyfriend to your mom - they know the drill! *Teehee* 1 hot mess 2. So what if you are doing too many things to type out proper sentences...your awesome emoji game makes up for almost everything! 3. You always have an extremely dramatic story to back up ‘Sorry, I’m late!’ - and people love them so much that they can’t even be angry! 4. You know how to get ready in, literally, under five minutes. And still look great! 5. You’re known to have worn flip-flops to almost everywhere and you really don’t mind! 5 hot mess 6. Your last night’s makeup looks totally gorgeous on you without redoing it the next day! 7. You never have to deal with chipped nail paint. All you do is add another colour to fill in the cracks and start a new trend! 8. Bedhead is your thang! 9. You have amazing conversations with people you don’t even remember meeting the next day! 9 hot mess 10. Your quirky outfits actually end up making some pretty great fashion statements! 11. You love to explore new restaurants...even if it’s mostly because you don’t know how to cook anything but Maggi! 12. You can wear your last night’s shirt in four different styles so that it looks like a totally new outfit! 13. You’re always the fun one in the group. People turn to you at the worst times in their lives because when it comes to cheering someone up by having a blast or partying, you know how to bring the house down! 13 hot mess GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Jan 15, 2017
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