#Aww: 13 Signs You & Him Are Totally Falling For Each Other!

#Aww: 13 Signs You & Him Are Totally Falling For Each Other!
Have you found yourself in the midst of an almost romance? But unable to decode what both of you are feeling? It’s time to stop playing ‘love me, love me not’ with flower petals! Here are 13 signs sparks are flying between you and him!

1. You remember little things about each other

It could be your favourite colour or his favourite flavour of chicken, both of you remember tiny little things about each other that even your friends don’t! 1 signs sparks are flying

2. You daydream about him

You can’t help it but think about him even during a hectic day. You wonder what he’s doing when he is not with you and what it would be like if he was with you!

3. Either one of you texts the other everyday

The day remains incomplete until one of you texts the other. And every ping of your cell phone leaves your heart racing! 3 signs sparks are flying

4. You think about how kissing him would feel like

You’ve found yourself wondering, at some point or another, how soft his lips would feel... Kissing him sounds like a blissful ending to every day now, doesn’t it?

5. You get a little jealous when he’s with someone else

Not that you mind him hanging out with other people. But it leaves you just a teensy bit jealous, just wishing and hoping that it was you by his side! 5 signs sparks are flying

6. You have butterflies when you have to meet him

Your excitement is at an all time high when you have to meet him. You decide what to wear, how to wear it and have at least ten thought-out conversations in your head. Best part is, he seems as excited as you too!

7. And you always want to stay longer

You can never get enough of spending time with each other. You always want to hang out just a little bit more, even if that means making stupid excuses at home! 7 signs sparks are flying

8. You keep looking at him when you’re together

The warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’re just absorbing his subtle features, the curve of his lips and the strong outline of his jaws is just incomparable!

9. And find him stealing glances too

Wait, no. There is something better than you checking him out - when he is checking you out too! 9 signs sparks are flying

10. You end up ignoring everyone else when you meet

Both of you have so much to talk about that you often find yourself in corner, just talking, while the rest of your gang is looking for you. Oops!

11. You love to talk about him

And whenever you are not together, you just can’t wait to tell everyone what a great guy he is. He has become your absolute favourite topic of discussion! 11 signs sparks are flying

12. You give and receive tons of compliments

It could be about your new DP or just the profound quote you shared, he is always telling you how amazing you are and vice versa.

13. You’re both frequently ‘accidentally’ touching

Whether it’s a little brush of the hand or sitting so close that your legs are just slightly touching - you both use all the opportunities you get to ‘stay in touch’... If you know what we mean! 13 signs sparks are flying GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr