17 Signs *He* Will Actually Be The Best Boyfriend EVER!

17 Signs *He* Will Actually Be The Best Boyfriend EVER!
We know how it feels to meet a guy who seems interesting, great on paper, but you're still a bit unsure about how he would be in a relationship. That's all right! Everyone has tiny doubts when it comes to love. That’s why we bring to you a few signs that your guy will actually be the best boyfriend ever - stop worrying yourself silly!

1. He always asks you to call or text him when you get home.

He cares about your safety...without going overboard! 1 best boyfriend ever

2. He actually wants to know how your girls’-night-out went.

He likes that you have fun with your friends - even when he’s not invited!

3. He checks in every few hours when you're sick.

And even offers to get you some soup and medicines.

4. He's not afraid of meeting the parents.

He doesn't run away at the mention of them - on the contrary, he wants to know more about them!

5. He's definitely afraid of your best friends!

He know the power they have - he respects that. 5 best boyfriend ever

6. He can tell when you're uncomfortable.

He can just tell from your expression - and he makes sure to help you feel better about the situation or to get out of it.

7. He surrounds himself with people who are inspiring.

Not just the back-slapping, high-fiving crowd, but people who can give real, practical advice too.

8. He's always interested in hearing about your professional goals.

He wants you to grow and achieve all of your dreams and he always has an encouraging word for you when you're feeling uninspired.

9. He's passionate - and not just about you.

He has other interests and hobbies that he is very passionate about. He talks about them with enthusiasm and also wants to introduce you to some of them. 9 best boyfriend ever

10. He brings maturity to the table.

He doesn't throw a fit every time things don't go his way. He has a better way of handling issues - with maturity!

11. He doesn't shy away from handling your bad moods.

At your best or at your worst - he's got you. Always!

12. Patience is his middle name.

Even when your ‘5 minutes’ turn into 15. Or 30.

13. He doesn't question your need to just be alone sometimes.

He knows you need your me-time, and he doesn't buzz you again and again during that time. 13 best boyfriend ever

14. He has a way of making you feel included even in a room full of people you don't know.

He introduces you, brings up a topic that he knows you like talking about.

15. He doesn't take over your life - and doesn't expect it to revolve around him.

He doesn't feel the need to be your one-and-only. He just makes the most of the time you both spend together!

16. He's okay with you stealing his fries. And his dessert. And his Coke.

And he actually kinda finds it adorable when you stuff your face in a kinda not-too-polite manner.

17. He likes you. And he's not afraid of admitting it. Ever.

No matter who he is in front of, no matter if you haven't told him you like him back. 17 best boyfriend ever GIFs: Tumblr