10 *Teasing* Little Moves He Won’t Be Able To Resist - AT ALL!

10 *Teasing* Little Moves He Won’t Be Able To Resist - AT ALL!
Admit it - you want to be the most memorable, most amazing, ‘best he’s ever had’ girlfriend, right? We all do...but how to go about that?! Well, here are some sexy moves your guy will love - a few teasing little things that he won't be able to resist - or forget!

1. Whispering in his ear

It doesn't even have to be something especially kinky - just leaning in super close will get him all tingly inside! 1 moves your guy will love

2. Use your femininity

Lay down beside him in all your glory (naked!) on your side, showing off your curves. We guarantee he'll drop whatever he's doing and come to you!

3. Playing with your hair

It's true! Playing with your hair or running your fingers through it while in his company will drive him mad and make him want to play with your tempting tresses as well! 3 moves your guy will love

4. Smiling through your day

Being confident and winning at life is an irresistible quality in a woman! The rewards will come on their own!

5. Letting him be himself

Be there during the sports match and show him you're not trying to change him - it’s a sexy thing for a guy to know that a girl likes him just as he is. He'll make his own moves on you after that! 5 moves your guy will love

6. An ice BJ!

Put an ice cube in your mouth as you make your way down his torso to his, er, member - and watch how cooling things down will really heat things up!!

7. Eye contact

Make intense eye contact with him, across a crowded room! Let yourself think about all the things you want to do to him later on - it'll show on your face and he might just pick up the intimate signals! 7 moves your guy will love

8. Touch yourself...

There's nothing wrong with being direct! Next time he kisses you, why not move your hands down to play with yourself?! It'll surprise him and drive him wild with anticipation!

9. Lose control

The next time you two are being intimate, allow yourself to lose control and be immersed in the moment! Watching you gain so much pleasure from him will excite him even further - and make him aim to please you even more! 9 moves your guy will love

10. The scent of a woman

A few dabs of a sexy perfume on your neck and your wrists will stir him up to the next level! The next time you try out a new fragrance, spritz it on your wrist, get him to smell it and watch the effect it has! GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy