11 Questions You Can Ask *Him* To Spice Up Your Wedding Night!

11 Questions You Can Ask *Him* To Spice Up Your Wedding Night!
Your wedding is approaching and so is your wedding night. You are excited as well as nervous about how the big night is going to turn out and you have various thoughts running through your head. To make the first night easier and more fun for you, we have some naughty sex questions you can ask your partner beforehand. It’ll make the situation all the more exciting, brides-to-be.

1. What turns you on?

What gives him the tingles and excites him to the point of… You know what we mean? 1 sex questions

2. What kind of foreplay are you into?

You could ask him about his ‘soft spots’ and what he enjoys the most during foreplay.

3. Lingerie preferences, please?

Lacy or cute? What does he want to see you in? *Wink* 3 sex questions

4. Any sexual fantasies?

Handcuffed in bed? Does he like to be blindfolded or wants to blindfold you? Ask him about his deepest darkest fantasy he has always wanted to try.

5. Your favourite positions?

Need we start listing out each of them? We all have our favourites, don’t we? 5 sex questions

6. Are you the ‘sex toys’ kind in bed?

Toys or playing sex games in bed - what’s your pick? Either or both?

7. Do you sleep in pyjamas, underwear or with nothing on?

Well, you should know what he is comfortable sleeping in. 7 sex questions

8. Do you like being the one in command?

Some men like to be calling the shots in bed, whereas others want the woman to take control and be in charge. Ask him his preference and let him know yours too.

9. Which is your favourite scent?

Smell plays a very important role in arousal. Asking him this will help you set the mood better. 9 sex questions

10. Morning sex or night sex?

A long time in bed at night or a quickie in the morning before work?

11. Sex with the lights on or turned off?

Because sometimes it takes time till you both are okay with seeing each other stark naked. Or perhaps, having the lights off makes things more exciting for the two of you. 11 sex questions GIFs: Giphy