11 Essential Sex Habits EVERY 20-Something Girl Should Have!

11 Essential Sex Habits EVERY 20-Something Girl Should Have!
As we step into the big wide world, transforming ourselves from girls to women, there are a lot of things we need to keep in mind. Especially when it comes to getting physically intimate with someone. Here are 11 sex habits every young woman should know about!

1. Initiate things

Don’t be scared about how he will react. If he is with you, then he is as into the relationship as much as you are. It also spices things up a great deal if you’re the one initiating things. Give him a soft kiss on his lips, graze his thighs with your hands and get the foreplay going, subtle yet strong!

2. Say yes only when you want to

Consent is crucial, always! If you are just not into the moment, then say no. No matter how awkward it might get, if he can’t understand this simple concept then he’s really not worth it! 2 sex habits

3. Always pee before and after

Have you ever felt an uncontrollable urge to pee during sex? And then you’re just confused whether you’re about to reach climax or just need to pee? Yes, that happens! So take a five-minute break before things get hot and heavy to pee both before and after sex.

4. Ask for what you want

Bedroom communication is a very important part of any relationship. Your partner can’t read your mind (even though we wish they could!). It’s important that you convey what you want so that he can make it better for you. 4 sex habits

5. Don’t multi-task in bed

Yes, women are naturally multi-taskers and we love doing multiple things at one time. But this rule doesn’t apply when you’re in the bed with boo. It’s actually a selfish thing to do if you don’t put all your mind and energy into the moment during sex. Don’t be having sex but thinking about what you’ll order to eat after! That really won’t do you any good!

6. Touch yourself

Never mind the mental conditioning that we’ve all grown up with. Masturbation is as important for women as it is for men. Explore your body first before you allow anyone else to explore it!
6 sex habits

7. Don’t overthink about how you look down there

Of course, being hygienic and clean down there is an important thing to do before sex. But, don’t stress about it too much! A little stubble is completely fine and chances are, he won’t mind it, at all!

8. Always use protection!

Let’s just say, using protection is sex 101. And if he isn’t up for it or looks for excuses to not use condoms, get outta there ASAP! 8 sex habits

9. Talk about STDs

It’s always important to ask your partner if they’ve been tested for STDs before you have sex with them. Even if it isn’t a serious relationship, this is something you need to know. Because it’s better to ask a guy if he’s been tested for STDs than getting one!

10. Avoid faking it

There is a kind of pressure on women when it comes to reaching climax. It’s not as simple as it looks in the movies and it might take you and your partner some effort to get you one. But that still doesn’t mean you should go about faking orgasms. For starters, if he doesn’t know that you’re not satisfied, he won’t have any reason to try harder! 10 sex habits

11. Wash up after sex

Sex can be kinda messy, sometimes. So there is nothing wrong with taking a quick shower after. Now, don’t go rushing to the washroom as soon as you’re done. That won’t be very attractive! But do hit the bathroom before you fall asleep or after a few hours!
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