Every Girl Deserves A Guy Who Does These 10 Tiny Things For Her

Every Girl Deserves A Guy Who Does These 10 Tiny Things For Her
Every girl deserves the best quality of love that life has to offer. It needn’t be in the form of extravagant gestures, but it’s the tiny ones that count. Find a man who treats you right, who loves you for the person you are and who never fails to surprise you. Here are 10 romantic gestures girls love and deserve from guys. (Don’t forget to tag your boyfriend after! *Wink*)

1. Someone who thinks you deserve to be happy all time

More so, he’s the kind of person to make you happy in your darkest hours. He comes to your rescue like a knight in shining armour and doesn’t leave your side until you have a big smile on your face again. 1 romantic gestures girls love

2. Someone who looks at you like you're magic… Every day!

You know it’s love when your eyes meet and it feels like fate brought you both together. Whether you look like a hot bomb or a hot mess, he still thinks you’re hot and will treat you like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

3. Someone who goes out of his way to make you giggle

With this studmuffin, there’s never a dull moment. Even if he’s not feeling it, he’ll still try to pull out the jester card. You know why he does it, right? It’s because your happiness means the world to him. 3 romantic gestures girls love

4. Someone who likes cuddling you to sleep at night

Cuddling after a steamy hot makeout session is one of the most intimate and rewarding gestures a man can make for the woman he loves. It brings out his caring side and you know for a fact that when you’re in his arms, nothing else really matters...

5. Someone who wants to hear your voice the first thing in the morning

He may have a zillion people in his life, but the first voice he wants to hear in the morning, is yours. It makes his day and perks him right up. Just goes to show how important you really are to him!
5 romantic gestures girls love

6. Someone who thinks that that little snort you make while laughing is absolutely adorable

You deserve the kind of man who falls in love with your imperfections. You’ll know that when you have him by your side, there’s no such thing as an embarrassing situation. Farts, burps, snorts they’re all adorable (or at least funny!) to him.

7. Someone who offers (and hopes) to drop you home especially when it's late at night

He knows, for a fact, that you can take care of yourself, but he likes to drop you home because he wants to make sure that you’re safe. If you didn't know yet, this guy truly cares about you from the bottom of his heart. 7 romantic gestures girls love

8. Someone who thinks you deserve your space whenever you want it

An emotionally secure boyfriend will always be open to giving you your space whenever you require it. He also wants you to know that he’s just a call away when you need him!

9. Someone who happily saves you the last slice of pizza because he knows you love it.

Even though he shares the same love for pizza as you do, he also believes that sharing is caring. Plus, it gives him immense joy to watch you gobble up the last slice like a hungry panda. 9 romantic gestures girls love

10. Someone finds your confidence sexy AF!

Oh, boy! You should totally hold on to a guy who doesn’t get intimidated by your level of confidence. Instead, he considers it to be a major turn on. He knows that you have goals and trusts that you will nail them like a boss!
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