10 Common Relationship Mistakes… And How To Avoid Them!

10 Common Relationship Mistakes… And How To Avoid Them!
We all make some mistakes in our romantic relationships. But the most important thing is to not make the same ones repeatedly, right? Be it about yourself, your partner or your decisions together, here are 10 relationship mistakes to avoid!

1. Invading each other's personal space

You really don’t need to share passwords to your Facebook or Gmail accounts with each other. Some things are personal, and that’s how they should be and there’s nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t mean you love each other any less. 1 relationship mistakes to avoid

2. Asking for permission to do everything

Going out to meet friends? Want to splurge on something for yourself? Well, you really don’t need to seek his permission for every little thing and neither does he. You can take decisions independently, especially the smaller things that aren’t as big a deal. Just let your partner know about them!

3. Ignoring your friends and family

It may feel romantic at the time but this is a really bad habit, girls. We all know you love him and he loves you dearly. But neither of you should ignore the world and your loved ones in order to focus on each other. Give everyone their due share in your lives. 3 relationship mistakes to avoid

4. Not having conversations about sex

You may shy away from this because you think it’s natural and you don’t need to talk about it. You're actually wrong! It’s really essential to have a conversation about sex as you both need to know each other’s preferences, likes and dislikes and whether or not you are even comfortable having sex!

5. Taking each other for granted

Don’t we all do this? But you should stop taking your partner for granted because everyone deserves to be treated right. It’s not a good idea to ignore him if he’s giving his hundred percent to the relationship! You would hate it if the tables were turned, right? 5 relationship mistakes to avoid

6. Not having the ‘money’ conversation

Agreed, it will be a bit odd to ask each other about salaries on your first few dates. But if you’re in a committed, serious relationship, you both must know how settled you are, and how you plan to manage your finances. It doesn't make you too ‘money-minded’, just more practical!

7. Not having a difference of opinion without fighting

Because it’s just not possible for both of you to think the same way about everything. But just because you have differing opinions, it doesn’t mean you need to fight. Learn to agree to disagree without making a big deal out of it. 7 relationship mistakes to avoid

8. Bickering in public

Couldn’t agree on who was the better actor when you watched that new movie together? You don’t need to argue about it in front of the entire theatre. This also applies to couples who fought at home over something and continue fighting when they’re in public. Why air your dirty laundry in public?

9. Dragging things from the past into your fights

You don’t need to hang on to the past because it won’t help you in the present or the future. Let bygones be bygones and stop keeping score! 9 relationship mistakes to avoid

10. Using the word breakup for the smallest of arguments

It’s a silly thing many of us do, but we really shouldn’t. Even if you don’t mean it, it can seriously break the flow and happiness in your relationship. Why bring in that kind of negativity into your relationship with someone you love, right? GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy