10 Beautiful Relationship Milestones That Bring You Two *Closer*

10 Beautiful Relationship Milestones That Bring You Two *Closer*
Every relationship has its milestones - big or small events that bring a couple closer to each other. Big things like your anniversary, first kiss and first job are always celebrated, but it’s actually the small and tiny relationship milestones that are sometimes the bigger deal! Here are a few relationship milestones that bring a couple closer together - cherish them!

1. The big fight!

Yes, this might surprise you, but the reality is that the first time you both had your big fight - maybe even thought that you might end up losing each other - that was a moment that actually brought the two of you closer to each other. Because it’s the fear of loss that can sometimes genuinely help us appreciate the value of what we have. 1 relationship milestones

2. The first trip together...

It is said that travelling with your partner shows you a different side of their personality - it’s true! On your first trip together, you both explore a new side to each other when you’re away from your comfort zones. Plus, being away from everyone guarantees you quality time with each other!

3. Long distance?

Distance can make the heart grow fonder. The time you both stay away from each other and have a long distance relationship is when you put your relationship through a true test. After all, staying far away from each other but still being connected is a big milestone in any relationship! 3 relationship milestones

4. “US” over “I”!

That moment in your relationship, when you move from talking and thinking about “me” to “we” is extremely important. When you both begin to nurture dreams as a couple and take decisions together - it is a beautiful feeling.

5. Seeing the other at their worst...

You both have seen each other extremely angry, but have still managed to calm each other down. You know each other’s flaws and bad habits, but choose to take care of one another and help each other in overcoming these bad traits. That’s a pretty big milestone, girls! 5 relationship milestones

6. Expressing each other’s vulnerabilities...

It’s easier to express your anger than your vulnerability - because you never want your partner to think of you as ‘weak’. So the moment that you’re so comfortable with each other that you no longer worry about being judged - that is a milestone to treasure!

7. Realizing that the honeymoon phase may be over, but the romance isn’t!

Every couple loves the honeymoon phase of a relationship and wishes that it would never get over. But the moment a couple realizes the fact that the end of honeymoon phase is not the end of love and romance in their relationship - that’s an important one. It is only the beginning of a new and more beautiful phase of the relationship. 7 relationship milestones

8. When their family becomes yours...

The moment you can pick up your phone and call his mom without wondering what to talk about, it means you both have crossed another milestone in your relationship. You both have broken the awkwardness with each other’s families!

9. The first time marriage is discussed!

If you both have been able to discuss marriage and talk about how life is going to be after you marry each other, then you both know that this relationship is probably going to last for forever! 9 relationship milestones

10. Realizing how important you guys are to each other...

Because it means you both have entered that phase of your relationship when you’ve realized that you mean the most to each other and that there is nothing more important than that. You know that your love is so strong that nothing can ever come in between. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr