11 Reasons It's OKAY To Not Have Sex On Your Wedding Night!

11 Reasons It's OKAY To Not Have Sex On Your Wedding Night!
Girls, if you didn't know this already, it is totally okay to NOT have sex on your wedding night. Whether it is your first time ever or your first time with your husband, there is absolutely no pressure on that front, and we hope that the guy you are planning to spend the rest of your life with, agrees wholeheartedly! Plus, there's also the off-chance that he doesn't want to do it either. Here are some totally normal reasons why it's OK if you don’t have sex on your ‘suhaag raat’.

1.You're super, super tired!

After all, most weddings are a 2-3 day event and the celebrations, dancing and drinking are bound to leave you exhausted. Therefore, it's okay to take your first night together to get some much-needed shut-eye!

2. You've had enough to drink!

I mean, come on! It's your wedding, after all, a.k.a the party of a lifetime - you're allowed to have a drink or 11!! 2 sex on your wedding night

3. You want to spend the entire night dancing away.

Chances are that the previous night's functions would have required you to go home early to be ready for the morning functions. So, the reception is your chance to go for it and dance, dance, dance!

4. You want to hit up room service and just relax!

Even if you aren't in the mood to sleep, or you know in the mood 'mood' - then you can always hit up room service and C.H.I.L.L!!

5. You're shy

Ladies, it's totally okay if you are. There's no point stressing out about the matter - it should be a fun experience, after all. 5 sex on your wedding night

6. You're not ready

Again, not a big deal. Be honest - a marriage should be built on honesty and open communication, right?

7. ‘Coz he can't

Obviously, this isn't the note you want to start your wedded life on, but there could be a reason as to why HE can't perform on the night itself. He could be too drunk, tired or just too anxious perhaps. It happens, ladies.  

8. You don't have protection

So yes, you're married - that doesn't mean you want an accidental baby straight away! And forgetting to carry condoms is a possibility, given that you both have so many other things on your mind on your wedding day. 8 sex on your wedding night

9. You need to pack for your honeymoon

Sometimes there are logistical issues at hand as well!

10. You just don't feel like it

There will be nights like this, in your marriage and your everyday life. So, it's okay if this too is one of those nights.

11. Morning Sex is just so much better

I mean, it's true, isn't it?! If you don't know... Dare to wait until the morning after and find out! You will also be fresh and energetic! *wink* 11 sex on your wedding night GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy