11 Questions Guys Have About *Period Sex* - Answered By A Girl!

11 Questions Guys Have About *Period Sex* - Answered By A Girl!
Have you considered going all the way with your partner, when you’re on your period? Well, you might want to address some concerns men have, before taking it forward. So, here are 11 questions men have about period sex ...answered!

1. Is there a particular day when we can/cannot have period sex in your cycle?

Well, no. Periods and their effect varies from woman to woman. So there is no particular day when we might or might not enjoy period sex. If your partner generally enjoys it then she probably will like it any day of the menstrual cycle.

2. Do you enjoy it more than regular sex?

There are studies that have shown women enjoy sex on their periods more than regular sex. So, technically speaking, the answer would be yes. But then again, you might want to talk to your partner about whether she enjoys it at all! 2 period sex

3. How much does it really hurt?

It doesn’t hurt more than any normal day sex. In fact, the endorphins released during orgasms can relieve common PMS symptoms and even menstrual cramps for many women!

4. Can you still get pregnant?

Yes. Even though women who have a 28 day cycle are less likely to be ovulating during their periods, there is a chance you might get pregnant. Sperms can live for seven days inside the body and you never know if you would be ovulating around your periods. 4 period sex

5. Is it rude if I don’t offer to go down on you?

No, actually it’s quite understandable why some might find it gross to go down on a girl during her period. However, in such a situation, maybe you can just keep oral sex off the table until next time.

6. Do I need to wear a condom?

That’s a yes, ALWAYS. No matter where we are, periods or no periods. You always have to wear a condom. Believe it or not, sex during periods has a higher risk of transmitting STDs since the cervix is slightly more open to let the blood pass out.
6 period sex

7. Are you feeling horny only because of your hormones?

It’s a possibility, we won’t deny. But our hormones might not be the only reason we’re feeling horny. You, obviously, have a big role to play in the whole act.

8. Is the period blood unhealthy for the penis?

Menstrual blood is simply a combination of healthy blood and tissues that the body no longer needs. So, no, it is not unhealthy or impure for the penis if it comes in direct contact with the blood. However, considering the fact that STDs are easily transmitted during periods, you should still be wearing a condom. 8 period sex

9. Is there anything we can do to help?

Yes, you can be super sweet and understanding about almost everything...or at least try to be.

10. Do we still require a lube?

Actually, no. We’ve got the whole natural lubricant thing going well down there during periods! 10 period sex

11. Do we need to clean up after?

It’s preferable, yes. Unless both you and your partner are comfortable with the way things are. However, mostly, the woman prefers to clean up herself and the surroundings after period sex. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr