#HeSays: 11 Questions *Every* Guy Has About A Girl’s Vagina!

#HeSays: 11 Questions *Every* Guy Has About A Girl’s Vagina!
Yes, your body is a wonderland, ladies. But that doesn't mean we aren't curious to know more about your lady parts. So here are some silly and some awkward questions about vaginas every guy has secretly wanted to ask, but just ever got around to!

1. Do all vaginas look the same?

Or, at least, similar? Like penises are thick or thin and big or small - are vaginas different too?

2. And do they, um, taste the same too?

Or is all that stuff about ‘you are what you eat’ true?

3. How is it even possible for you to get waxed down there?

Just HOW?! The pain must be way too much. 3 questions about vaginas

4. So what exactly is squirting?

Is it reallyyy all that they make it out to be? Actually, is it even real?

5. And a queef?

We mean, it's air exiting your body from down there, right? Doesn't that sound...familiar?

6. Does it become...bigger?

Especially after having a baby and stuff? Actually, please also explain how it's possible for a child to come out from there? 6 questions about vaginas

7. How can it be really wet one second and dry the next?

And how do you even deal with being turned on when you're out and about?

8. Do you ever just randomly feel yourself down there?

Um, kinda like us guys?

9. Can you actually feel your period the whole time?

When you hurt yourself, you can feel the bleeding, right? Is it the same when you're on your period? 9 questions about vaginas

10. Why is there a different name for every curve and crevice down there?

Do YOU even remember all of them? Because we sure don't.

11. Does every woman have a G-spot?

And what does it really feel like, having one? Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr