Dear Fiance, 11 Promises I Will Always Stick By… *Heart*

Dear Fiance, 11 Promises I Will Always Stick By… *Heart*
Dear Fiance, I believe in the middle of all this wedding planning madness, as we take each baby step towards our big day, I should take some time out for a few lifelong promises to make to the man I am set to marry. Here goes…

1. I will be there for you through all the good and bad times.

Happy times are easy and I will always be there to cheer you on. And during choppy water-like phases, I’ll still be sailing by your side.

2. I will always listen to things you have to share, like really listen.

Even though I am a chatterbox and there are times I barely listen to what others have to say, trust me I’ll be all ears for every word you say.
2 promises to make

3. My number 1 priority will always be ‘Us’.

I want you to know that for me, you and us will always be very important, and this will be right on top of my priority list.

4. I will be excited about us long after the honeymoon phase too.

Because that’s what relationships are about! Long after our honeymoon period is over – I’ll keep the excitement going inside the bedroom and outside of it too!

5. Never will I take you for granted.

Our commitment and love for each other are not just words. I value your existence in my life – every single day - and I always will. 5 promises to make

6. I will always share your tears and joy.

I promise to laugh and cry with you, and make you laugh till you cry. *Wink*

7.  I will always stand up for you.

My faith in you is unwavering, so come what may, I’ll always stand up for you and for us.

8. I will love your family like my own.

Just as I love my family, I promise to love yours and treat them as mine.
8 promises to make

9. I will make sure we make good parents.

And when our family expands, I’ll not only do my best to be a good mommy but will also help you be a good daddy!

10. I will always push you to pursue your dreams.

I promise to let you live your dreams – even if I am not a part of them. I’ll be your backbone.

11. P.S. I love you.

When work and stress take over me or you, I’d still never let you forget how much I love you. Love will get us through everything, baby. 11 promises to make GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy