10 Beauty Treatments You Can Do With *Him* Before The Wedding!

10 Beauty Treatments You Can Do With *Him* Before The Wedding!
Now that you’re set to be married soon and are moonstruck like never before, we’re sure you want to spend maximum time possible with each other. And even though being together all the time is so exciting and fun, you both cannot ignore the all-important pre-wedding beauty regime. So to sort out this dilemma for you, we give you 10 pre wedding beauty treatments that you and your guy can go for together! This way, you get to be with your love all throughout, and look fabulous on D-day too!

1. Fun facials

1 pre wedding beauty treatments Getting regular facials in the last 2-3 months leading up to the wedding is a must to get that glow on your face - this holds true for the bride and the groom. It would be wise to take a package with appointments for both of you together and come out looking radiant as ever. Let a specialist have a look at your skin types first so you both know what kind of facials you should go in for.

2. Soothing spas

What’s more relaxing and romantic at the same time, than a couple spa session? Go for one that involves exfoliation, body polishing and a good body massage! Kick back and enjoy together as your bodies get wedding ready!

3. Mood for mani-pedi

3 pre wedding beauty treatments Having neat and clean, well-groomed hands and feet is a must for the bride and the groom on their wedding day. And since the 2 of you have to get this done anyway, why not book a couple mani-pedi at your favourite unisex salon? Have him choose the colour of nail polish he’d like you to have on, perhaps?

4. Head massages, anyone?

Prepping your hair for the big day is an extremely important beauty process that every bride and groom must take out time for. The simplest and most effective hair treatment would be a nice hot oil massage. You could even get an egg mask or curd applied and reap the benefits of that too.

5. Date at the dentist’s!

5 pre wedding beauty treatments A visit to the dentist can be pretty boring, right? But not if you have your fiance along, ladies. Getting your teeth cleaned and polished to flash those pearlies on D-day is a given for the bride and the groom. Take with you your future husband and make it a date at the dentist’s! *wink*

6. Hair styling outing

Don’t we all want to get our hair styled to perfection before the big day? Make it a fun outing as you and your fiance get together and go for a haircut and some uber cool hair streaks perhaps. Help each other decide what style you want to go for. We’re sure you’d make a good team, ladies.

7. Do the detox

7 pre wedding beauty treatments We’re sure you both are on a spree to live and eat healthy as you count down the days to the wedding. To go all the way, visit a nutritionist and go for detox sessions. They’ll be fun and oh-so-healthy! The resultant radiant skin and luscious hair is bound to make you go back for more sessions together.

8. Go running together

Heard of the cardio glow? It really is a thing, ladies. Take the husband-to-be and go to a large green park and exercise all you want. It’s a great way to bond, motivate each other, get fit and look super radiant on the big day! If a run isn’t something you fancy, sign up for spinning or power yoga classes together - those will do you good too.

9. Hair removal appointment, please

9 pre wedding beauty treatments It could be the excess hair on his shoulders that need some trimming or your long overdue waxing appointment - make it interesting and less painful (just maybe) by booking that appointment for the two of you together. It doesn’t have to be a dreaded session, after all, ladies.

10. A rejuvenating pre-wedding vacay?

Now we know that you’re all set to book the fanciest honeymoon ever, but how about a relaxing, mini getaway before the wedding too? It’ll be a great way to destress from all that wedding planning drama (we all know stress can wreak havoc for our skin and hair) and if you must, you can even take some friends along and make it a fun short vacay. You’ll come back rejuvenated and the reduced stress will only help you look as gorgeous as ever! Images: Shutterstock