10 PDA ‘Moves’ You Make That He *Secretly* Loves!

10 PDA ‘Moves’ You Make That He *Secretly* Loves!
Most men claim to not like public display of affection or PDA, as we commonly call it! However, their claims might just not be all that true. Yes girls, though there is something superbly awkward about a man sitting with a woman wrapped around his body in public, there are a few PDA gestures that men actually like. Check them out here!

1. Planting a little peck on his cheek

While no one is looking, just plant a tiny peck on his cheek. The little element of surprise and your soft lips will really leave him grinning ear to ear! 1 PDA gestures

2. Slight brush of the hands while walking

Instead of getting your fingers intertwined, just lightly brush them against his, while walking. This shows just a little bit of intimacy but not an overpowering sense to get touchy feely.

3. Whispering sweet nothings

Displaying affection is not always about physically touching someone. It could also be about whispering sweet little nothings into his ears, that will make him blush! 3 PDA gestures

4. Running your fingers on his arm

Gently run your fingers up and down his arm when you’re talking to him or sitting next to him. The sensations of your fingers on his arm will make him feel super special!

5. Locking arms

Locking lips in public might be a bit too much, so try locking arms! Just wrap your arm around his, when you two are talking or walking down a road. It doesn’t have to be an overly sexual touch for him to like it. 5 PDA gestures

6. Leaning in on him

When you two are standing and chatting at a counter or bar, just slightly lean towards him. This will show him that you want to be closer physically and you can’t wait! *Wink*

7. Grazing his thighs

A man’s inner thigh is the most sensitive part of his body. While you’re sitting next to each, just graze his thighs. This will instantly leave him wanting for more! 7 PDA gestures

8. The hand squeeze

The hand squeeze is actually a very supportive form of PDA. When he’s having a bad day, just squeeze his hand and let him know that you’re there for him, in all the bad times!

9. Touching his lower back

Touching his lower back is almost equivalent to giving him a vote of confidence. Just lightly rub your hand over his lower back, telling him that you trust him and have confidence in him. 9 PDA gestures

10. A quick butt pat

Trust us, no man will never NOT like a good butt pat. Just make sure you do it super sneakily! It makes them feel kinda horny, and that’s always good, right girls? GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy