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An Open Letter To The Bra Strap That Keeps Slipping Off!

An Open Letter To The Bra Strap That Keeps Slipping Off!
Addressed to all my bras that refuse to stay on me, It’s been awhile since I have been wearing you, and I must say our relationship over the years has grown rather strong. I thought we were going to last forever but I think I took you for granted  or maybe, overused you? Either way, you refuse to stick with me! So this is an open letter to my bras and their straps, the ones that have been falling off for eternity.
From my early teens to my mid-twenties, you and I have been through a lot together. And my need to wear you has grown (much like my boobs) to a compulsion from a mere choice. So I think our bond has even strengthened with time. While I have been so loyal to you, you on the other hand have had quite a few ‘slips’. You’ve never given me the constant support that you promised me when I purchased you from the lingerie store. I paid a 100 bucks more for that strap the sales woman promised will provide ‘extra’ support. But you decided to ditch me and peek out from my sleeveless top when I was drunk dancing with that hot boy at the discotheque. And as if that wasn’t enough, you decided to act up on the day I thought it was okay to not change into my sports bra for my aerobics class. Why, why, why? How am I supposed to get my dream bikini body when I can’t do a jumping jack without having to pull my straps back in place. What did I do to you? Oh, and how can I forget that day when I wore that tube dress with transparent straps. That day was the worst, because instead of the regular pitfalls in our relationship, that day you just gave up on me. You detached yourself from me, in front of a hundred people, when I was speaking at that conference.
Internal open letter to my bra I’ve washed you, dried you and cared for you with my own two hands. I didn’t put you in the washing machine because I thought that’d break your sliders. But you fell off nevertheless. We’re supposed to be friends, not foes...but what’s this? I know every night I rip you off my chest without a second’s thought, I need my space after all, but I wasn’t expecting you to do this! After all these incidents, I thought I was wearing the wrong cup size. I went to the best lingerie store in town and bought a sexy, lace and satin mixed underwire bra after having myself measured. I tried it in the trial room and felt so sexy, so hot that I can’t express it in words. I thought I’d finally found the bra of my dreams. So I wore it for a ‘special night’ under my sexy beige satin dress. Things got hot that night with bae, especially after he saw that pink bra. We were making out in the car, he got a little too excited and flicked my strap a couple times... before it snapped and ouch! Leaving me bruised and almost naked for the wrong reasons. How embarrassing! But call me stubborn or just plain stupid, I still believe in you and I can’t let you be. So all the complaints aside, I want to tell you that you’re like the nachos to my salsa, the cheese in my garlic bread and the support to my jiggles. Just maybe, behave a little, please?
Yours truly, Every single girl! Images: Shutterstock