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15 One-Sentence Reminders EVERY Girl Needs To Hear From *Him*

15 One-Sentence Reminders EVERY Girl Needs To Hear From *Him*

All of us deserve all the love and pampering we can get in a relationship! It doesn’t take too much to be reminded that you are loved and cherished. In fact, all it takes is a few words. Here are 15 one sentence reminders every girl needs to hear in a relationship! 1. ‘Even your deepest, darkest secrets wouldn’t change the way I feel about you.’ 1 one sentence reminders 2. ‘You’re my first, last and all the million thoughts in between, everyday.’ 3. ‘I will never forget the moment I fell for you in the first place.’ 4. ‘We’ll clutch on to the happy times to get through the sad ones but we’ll never let go.’ 5. ‘You can ask me anything, anytime without ever worrying about how it would make me feel.’ 5 one sentence reminders 6. ‘Our love is a celebration in itself!’ 7. ‘Your smile is one of the most beautiful things in my life.’ 8. ‘We’ll always be weird together.’ 9. ‘Even during tough times, I’ll always believe in you.’ 9 one sentence reminders 10. ‘I will always respect your opinion and your right to say no.’ 11. ‘We don’t need to be physically together to love each other.’ 12. ‘I promise to always be honest with you but in the kindest way possible.’ 13. ‘You deserve your alone time.’ 13 one sentence reminders 14. ‘I wouldn’t change a thing about you, even if you gave me a choice.’ 15. ‘You are, by far, my favourite person in the world.’
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Published on Jan 18, 2017
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