Move Over ‘Cat Eyes’: 12 *New* Eyeliner Styles To Try NOW!

Move Over ‘Cat Eyes’: 12 *New* Eyeliner Styles To Try NOW!
There are ample pretty looks you can create with your eyeliner apart from your good old cat eye style. All of us know how your basic eyeliner can transform your eyes and your entire look in general. But if you are bored with your usual cat eye flicks and want to try something new and classy, here are some chic and new eyeliner styles that every girl can try!

1. Dark and dramatic

1 new eyeliner styles Image: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram To achieve this 70’s look, apply a thick kohl line on both your eyelids and the lower waterline. Then draw a dramatic flick that extends across the crease, intensify your look by filling your eyelids with black eye shadow. This smokey liner style gives you a break from your usual cat-eye flick and is perfect for the nights you want to go super bold and dramatic!

2. Smudged waterline

2 new eyeliner styles Image: Mariam Khairallah on Instagram You can always make a slick bold or thin line on your eyelids but there’s nothing ‘new’ in that. For someone who’s looking for a different and subtle look, go for this smudged waterline style. It’s super easy to do as all you have to do is apply a thick kohl line on your waterline and smudge it with the help of a smudger. Even if you mess it up a little, always remember that messy always looks sexy!

3. Arabic eyeliner style

3 new eyeliner styles Image: Shutterstock Girls, it’s not your usual cat eye look as it’s bolder and will make your eyes seriously pop. Draw your usual cat eye and thicken the eyeliner on your eyelids, as much as you want. Make a thick line on your waterline and merge it with the flick. See, it’s super duper easy to do, isn’t it?

4. Smudged cat eye

4 new eyeliner styles Image: Shutterstock Why not smudge the flick for a super ill-defined cat eye? This smudged style will be a welcome change and will look just as impressive as our usual cat eye flick.

5. Jewel-toned eyeliner

5 new eyeliner styles Image: Shutterstock Move over black! Using a jewel toned eyeliner will be a refreshing change to your regular eye makeup game. A simple line or a thin flick is enough to grab attention. The best part is that jewel colours look amazing on our Indian skin. Don’t limit yourself to blues, try other jewel toned shades such as bronze, pink and burgundy!

6. All that gold

6 new eyeliner styles Image: Namrata Soni on Instagram This eyeliner style has definitely conquered our hearts and we just can’t stop looking at it! The best part is, you don’t even have to spend a lot of time achieving this style. Just make a normal black line on your eyelids and use a golden eye pencil/ liner on top of that. We are in love with this gold eyeliner that will help you achieve this oh-so-gorgeous look. Isn’t it so perfect for when you’re decking up in Indian wear?

7. Barely there look

7 new eyeliner styles Image: Shutterstock If you’re a ‘less is more’ kinda girl, then this is the eyeliner style for you! Just make a thin line on your eyelids and stop right at the outer corner. You can use a nude eyeliner on your lower waterline to give it a ‘barely there’ finish. This style is so on point and you will love this fresh and subtle look, for sure.

8. Dash of blue

8 new eyeliner styles Image: Shutterstock If all-over coloured eyeliner isn’t your thing, then why not apply just a hint of it? Add a couple of blue swipes on your waterline starting from the middle to the outer corner of your eyes and voila, you’re ready to rock this eyeliner style.

9. Puppy eyeliner style

9 new eyeliner styles If you have small eyes and want to make them look bigger, try this Korean eye makeup trick. The trick here is to extend your flicks downwards (instead of upwards) so that it gives an illusion of wider ‘puppy’ eyes. Go ahead and try this chic style today! Watch the tutorial here.

10. Three shades flick

10 new eyeliner styles Image: Shutterstock Amp up your eye makeup game by applying three shades of eyeliners. Choose three different metallic shades and apply a slick line on your eyelids. You can use a white eye pencil on your waterline to accentuate the other shades and finish the look by applying the third shade below the white eyeliner. This might not be your everyday look but definitely try this at the next party you attend.

11. Smudged eyeshadow look

11 new eyeliner styles Image: Shutterstock To amp up your usual slick eyeliner, why not go a bit bold with it? Make your usual eyeliner style and apply a thick kohl on your lower waterline. Apply black eyeshadow on your eyelids to give it a smokey look and then blend on a brighter shadow along the outer corners . Also, apply some of the eyeshadow under your eyes and smudge it out a bit. This look is so sexy and will give you a dreamy eye look. We absolutely love this style!

12. Crease your eyelids

12 new eyeliner styles Go bold with this graphic eye look! This might even be your new everyday go-to as it looks so chic and gorgeous. Make your usual cat eye and extend the flicks to the center of your crease. If you want to go bolder and more dramatic, you can even outline your entire crease.
Watch the tutorial here. So girls, what’s your new everyday look? Internal Images: Shutterstock