13 *Stunning* Blouse Designs For Bride!

13 *Stunning* Blouse Designs For Bride!
In this fresh edition of trending lehenga blouse designs for brides on the internet, we’ve picked some amazing bridal blouse designs especially for the bride to wear at her wedding. They are experimental, unique and absolutely beautiful! If you are a bride who wants to be in sync with the newer styles, then these 13 blouse designs for brides will impress you. So get inspired, soon-to-be brides!

Bridal Blouse Design 1. Like A Crop Top!

1 blouse designs Image: Deepika Padukone On Instagram A simple high neck blouse with embroidery that is evenly spread all over it - this is one of the classiest bridal blouse designs for the bride! Wear a choker along with it and rock the look like Deepika Padukone here. You can choose to add elbow-length sleeves if you don’t want to go for a sleeveless blouse. Also Read All The NEW Blouse Designs You Should Be Wearing In 2019!

Bridal Blouse Design 2. Sheer Elegance!

2. blouse designs Image: Manish Malhotra on Instagram The right kind of skin show can do wonders for a bride’s personality. This beautifully embellished lehenga blouse design for brides with net over the shoulders and arms, and intricate embroidery on the sleeves is definitely worth trying!

Bridal Blouse Design 3. The Silver Shimmer!

3 blouse designs Image: Anamika Khanna On Instagram This well-fitted full sleeves lehenga blouse design for brides is graceful and the elevated shoulder pads add so much more to this outfit. The scalloped neckline gives it a delicate spin and the subtle embroidery all over adds a lot of opulence to make the bride shine.

Bridal Blouse Design 4. The Regal Antiquity!

4 blouse designs Image:  Amrita Thakur On Instagram Inspired by the traditional Angrakha styles, this high-neck blouse design for brides has beautiful patterns placed around the centre of the yoke. It adds a traditional touch to the bridal outfit while looking sophisticated and gorgeous. 

Bridal Blouse Design 5. The Modern Bride!

5 blouse designs Image: Shyamal & Bhumika On Instagram For the new-age bride who is daring and loves to try new trends, this off-shoulder lehenga blouse design for brides is what you need to go in for. It is feminine and lets you show off those collar bones and your pretty bridal necklace! 

Bridal Blouse Design 6. The V-Shaped One!

6 blouse designs Image:  JJ Valaya On Instagram When sweet heart necklines and round ones won’t do, opt for this V-shaped blouse with one side overlapping the other, giving it a more snug fit. This lets your round necklace stand out too. 

Bridal Blouse Design 7. The Ornate Piece!

7 blouse designs Image: Anju Modi On Instagram This decorative blouse design for brides has an embroidered mesh above the blouse neckline, created with strings and beads, giving it such an exquisite look. This is for the bride who wants to go a bit over the top with the outfits.

Bridal Blouse Design 8. The Powerful Poise

8 blouse designs Image: Tarun Tahiliani On Instagram This extra addition on the shoulders gives it that fierce look that is perfect for the bride who likes to stand out. The scalloped design of the sleeves looks bold and is rare to find. Go for this daring look, if you please!

Bridal Blouse Design 9. The Bare Back Beauty!

9 blouse designs Image: Ohaila Khan On Instagram Get a simple neckline in front and try different things with the back of the blouse. This diamond-shaped back lehenga blouse design for brides will definitely look amazing when paired with your lovely lehenga. To make it striking, choose a different color patch around the borders..

Bridal Blouse Design 10. The Bewitching Blouse!

10 blouse designs Image: Ritu Kumar On Instagram This baroque blouse has a desirable shape around the front, giving the bride a pleasing frame. The full sleeves add to the stylish design and the little elements in the embroidery highlight the dark colours of the blouse. Best to get a gold lehenga with this colored blouse, ladies.

Bridal Blouse Design 11. The Long & Short Of It!

11 blouse designs Image: Sabyasachi On Instagram When a short blouse won’t do, then try this long kurti style lehenga blouse design for brides with a simple lehenga. It surely is the new trend to follow and you’ll feel very comfortable wearing this as well. The churidaar sleeves look glitzy too. 

Bridal Blouse Design 12. The Keyhole Vision!

12 blouse designs Image: Devnaagri On Instagram A classic keyhole blouse is making a comeback but this time along with a high boat neckline. Pair a choker necklace with this to give an illusion of a taller frame as well. Add cap sleeves for that dainty look. This is the latest in blouse design for brides.

Bridal Blouse Design 13. The High-Class Glamour!

13 blouse designsImage: Jade On Instagram Bridal blouse designs with a deep neckline and a border at the upper waist is quite a rage these days. This not only highlights your collar bones, but also gives the bodice a beautiful shape. This definitely is a hot favorite.